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    TWICE "Eyes wide open" CONCEPT FILM DAHYUN
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    1. brenda sousa


    2. CJ POP

      She is so fantastic

    3. Maria Veronica


    4. MrsUKISSKevinwoo91

      she's sooooooo gorgeous

    5. Jehanie langco Marfui

      Huhuhu, Dahyunieee ♥️😍😍

    6. Amal Anil


    7. Aku Cantik

      Kim dubuuuu

    8. kimmy once


    9. Jesus Garay

      She is one the best and so underrated she needs more Camara time I swear. Love from mexico

    10. Tasy


    11. Kimberly Mai Bautista


    12. Indri Ani

      Love u

    13. staerry

      a perfect example of ethereal beauty

    14. Marianne Sabasaje

      This concept film/teaser will never get old!!! 🤍🤍🤍

    15. Diogo CB

      Dubu The best girl!!

    16. Cheonsa Yeppuda

      Dahyun yeppuda!!

    17. kaye bye


    18. Glenda Deriquito

      L. O. V. E

    19. army and blink forever

      Dahyun is perfection.💜 Perfect face. Perfect body. Perfect voice. Also acting skill. Perfect rapper. Funny. Tofu💜

    20. Gita Sarma

      So gergous

    21. Puspita Sari


    22. Flavio jesus

      Te quiero mucho dahyun 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖


      URI DUBU 🎈💗💗💗💗

    24. Maria

      Dahyun tambah cantik aja loh

    25. Raiz Hamzah

      URI DUBU 💗💗💗

    26. K.

      i dont understand jype team why they give more rap lines to dahyun, i mean if you stop being biased you know that chaeyoung was way better rapper than dahyun,i mean in all aspects you dont need to re listen to their songs to know that, i mean theyre not dumb right? i mean theyve made bop songs, theyre professionals, and even tho im a dahyun bias i cant still see why they gave that much rap line to dahyun, i mean dahyun do have overall less line than chae since the beggining and if they give that lines to chae, dahyun will be the least line member than momo since their gap isnt that huge.but in exchange of that theyll made the songs much better and give more spotlight to chae, since dahyun can gain her fans through being not herself(which is being goofy and funny).i mean that is stuck to my head. what do they saw in dahyuns voice? soft voice rapping? that sounds boring, i mean since my childhood ive only liked mostly are rap songs, i have a knack to know which is better between them in rapping.i mean the best dahyun rap is that rap in im gonna be a star, and the rest is just "eh ok"( ive might not have listened to all their b side in you see better rap than im gonna be a star please comment down).meanwhile chae kills every rap lines and also mostly writes her own lyrics. dahyun is just popular and why do they act like her talent has been appreciated. i mean if i look at the comment section i rarely see dahyuns name when it comes to appreciating talents her name is just noisy in a variety show video or some youtubers compiled videos but seeing a comment about her talent being appreciated? nah i mostly, seen nayeon,jihyo,jeongyeon,chaeyoung.i mean i have no problem with that its just they act like dahyun is so overrated, i mean i just want her to have less lines, less popular because i hate it when shes compared to chaeyoung, ive felt the feeling of being compared but you just feel disgust about yourself and crumble because you know you cant go to their level because theyre just extremely talented people. i really felt the pain when tzuyu said, she mostly hear compliments about her look but she wanted a compliment that she is talented, i mean dahyun also wanted that if i were to guess all idols wanted that compliments. i just wanted dahyun not to try hard but just to be herself, members say that she is like mina and mostly she is secretive but she put effort to be goofy around to make her fans laugh, i mean i wanted dahyun to stay like that but it is tiring also to make a another personality that is not yours, and lately dahyun has been a little bit different to what she was used to before, she is less goofier now, she matured or maybe shes tired, i may sound rude but i think that is better 1.she is just being herself, no more fake personality 2.she will get less popular since i think most of her fans just became her fan because she is funny 3.people who really appreciate her talent will stay(include me) as i can see now she is getting less popular than other member, i mean the views says but i might be wrong,i have no problem dahyun having the least amount of lines,screentime,popularity among members, i didnt really care about that, i care more about dahyun herself and how she genuinely cares about us i mean if she gets less popular than every member of the group, i think that is for the better 1.she will not get compared to chae which pains me the most 2.chae will get the spotlight she deserves 3.i just dont want to people to talk about her position of the group and how she gets unfair to chae, since they say main should get more lines to other members 4.i dont want dahyun to be like nayeon, she is compared because of her position she doesnt deserve the lines and people are hating on her but atleast nayeon has hella of a talent meanwhile dahyun has nothing to offer to counter those bash( i think she is the LAST at talent in their members) i mean atleast momo is god at dancing,she have established something to the group, meanwhile dahyun? no soft voice? i think mina can do better. rap? i think chae can do better, cute voice? i think sana can do better. vocals? i think nayeon,jihyo,jeongyeon,chae,tzuyu can do better.songwriting? i think chae can do better. entertainment? thats the only thing dahyun have. i hope you understand why it pains me when she is being compared. 5. i think that is for the better, it wouldnt change anything since i dont care about her being the least to the group i will still love her, but i think i would do better because it will lessen the people who compares her. since my childhood ive Moooostly listen to rap songs, and thats why the rap part is why the reason i became once.and even tho chae had lesser rap lines, ive already seen her charisma in rapping, she was the ideal rapper that everyone wants, and i think ive had enough of that style, why not be open minded and give dahyun a chance in her rapping skills, soft voice person that raps? thats boring. dahyun might possibly change this opinion of mine.because twice proved it to me,before i wasnt really into cute girls dancing a cheerful/cute songs,that just contradicts my favoritsm in rap songs. but look now im freaking obsessed with TT. so why not give dahyuns concept of rap.maybe JUST maybe she'll revolutionized the rap industry with her soft voice,idk thats just delusional to think of but whatever.i might be able to see what the producers see in dahyuns voice, that makes it superior. #OT9forever #nineornone #getwellsoonjeongyeon

    27. Dahyun _

      I love your dear... Always remember that.. Lately she's been so quiet

    28. onceni

      we love u dubu

    29. Multifandom baby

      If you want to see the girls win MAMA this year, make sure to put your daily vote in! 🏆Artist of the Year 🏆Song of the Year 🏆Best Female Group 🏆Best Dance Performance Female Group 🏆Worldwide Fans' Choice #MAMAVOTE #twice

    30. Marianne Sabasaje

      DUBUUU 🤍🤍🤍

    31. jeon jungkook

      Awwo d@h¥un¡e

    32. stan twice kim dahyun forever

      wow expensive

    33. Dahyun is my Bias

      beautiful as always

    34. queen dahyun

      she is the prettiest

    35. queen dahyun


    36. kim dahyun dubu

      yasssss dahyunn iloveuuu ❤️❤️

    37. Md Raihan Ali Khan

      She is no longer Dubu, she is Kim Dahyun.

    38. Indri Ani

      Yes girl

    39. queen dahyun

      kim dahyun, i love you!

    40. zurin yulong

      "2:50" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1088 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

    41. Thot for Twice

      Onces if you weren't aware already , AAA voting has begun on Cheaeodol and the Popularity Award is completely decided upon our votes so please participate. It's a tight competition so your participation is really appreciated. @TWICE_GLOBAL on Twitter has more info on how to properly vote. Please let's win this for our girls. Fighting!

    42. - ainnaziha ?


    43. - ainnaziha ?




    45. jihyo kim


    46. ききじか


    47. ada l.


    48. Indri Ani

      W O W

    49. Zo Zoe

      You look one of the Filipino youtubers its vien heheheh Love you dahyun

    50. I CAN'T STOP ME

      Dahyuniieee i luv uu

    51. uni verxe STREAM I CAN'T STOP MEE!!!!!!

    52. Park Mari

      Dz once Sana Twice

    53. ZAH MAYNE

      My bias ❤️❤️❤️

    54. Hannah Jaurigue

      Dahyun is the definition of perfection❤

    55. Random Girl18

      ela É LINDA DMS MDS

    56. sh 71

      Bast girl

    57. Nico Ferdian

      She's mine.

    58. Justine Guevarra


    59. kim dubu


    60. stan twice dubu dubu

      add to heart my bias since ohh ahh until now

    61. mc rail

      watch ICSM mv onces!!!

    62. Angel Angaso


    63. Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong

      Love u dahyun

    64. Gresli Wenas

      Dahyun very beautiful and cute

    65. IS SANA GAY !?1!?!?


    66. Zuko's Girlfriend

      She is seriously really pretty omg

    67. Mina Myoui

      She radiates pure sunshine

    68. Warda Z


    69. TT

      She is truly mesmerizing

    70. Mam Mother


    71. Jihyo Park


    72. sh 71

      دفو دفوو توفوو

    73. Kim Da Hyun

      What a beautiful person...

    74. jungshook bts king

      Dahyunieee is so beautiful

    75. John stefhin Dela cruz


    76. John stefhin Dela cruz


    77. John stefhin Dela cruz


    78. John stefhin Dela cruz


    79. First Samuel_XXV

      I'm just here coz I'm streaming

    80. Dahmin Forever

      Kim dahyun is queen 🔥🔥🔥👑👑

    81. twice_in_a_melon xx

      If you're a real once, then view momo's and Jeongyeon's teaser too. I don't Wanna be mean but these fake onces really annoy me. I get it, we all have our biases and like to view their teaser, but real onces support all the members. This is only for the fake onces, so just ignore it if you're a real once.

    82. D1AMOND

      Just Sharing: So guys I was Watching I Can't Stop Me M/V And then I came here, but then the M/V is the ads......... :>

    83. Daree n

      We love you so much

    84. Daree n

      Dahyun the best girl

    85. Daree n

      The best girl

    86. Daree n

      Best girl

    87. Daree n

      Beautiful girl

    88. Daree n


    89. 灰熊TV huixiongtv

      Twice I can’t stop me live

    90. lovee U

      dahyun 💕

    91. its ofa comel

      my bias KIM DAHYUN :) ♡♡♡

    92. Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong

      Love u dahyun

    93. D1AMOND

      Dahyun, why not kill me? Well, That's What You Do Oh no.... I forgot you already kill me.....

    94. Marjie Buagas

      Labyuuu dubu♥️

    95. - ainnaziha ?


    96. Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong

      Love u dahyun

    97. Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong

      Love u dahyun

    98. I live in Taylor Swift's drawer


    99. Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong

      Love u dahyun

    100. Arthur Rodrigues