Stray Kids 신메뉴 Cooking Video

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) 신메뉴 Cooking Video
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    1. aisha irwn

      0:12 remind me of my beautiful childhood with fruit ninja :'

    2. Anecia Warner

      What are these buggers up to? 🦑😂

    3. NR Network

      Only PAprom: Lets recommend this video after 5 months.

    4. hwang things


    5. Karlie Candy

      This dear ass gave me fruit ninja vibes 🤣🤣🤣🤣 who got that from this

    6. namjoon

      so who are the 9th and 10th seat?

    7. Nitewulf

      SKZ: Our teasers and trailers include major plot points for the storyline! Dont skip them! Also SKZ:

    8. Jungkook. Is. Mine.

      Are they trying to introduce the members?? Like this confused me so much what-

    9. Salsa Sbrn

      So coooooooooool

    10. Vinnie Koo

      අනෙ අප්පොච්චියේඒඒ😭😭😭

    11. Lee Felix

      No one : Me at 3am :

    12. Carolina Sayago

      Me voy a hacer chef solo por esto

    13. Stay With Me :3나와 함께있어

      haters: may be good cooks what they are: IDK WHAT I'M DOING

    14. julis

      buyurun dostlar buyurun Halil İbrahim sofrasina

    15. dindalsp

      seungmin ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    16. Jumy Juro

      Leeknow multiclones de sombra hahaha lo amo

    17. 내입에 넣고와라라랄ᄅ라

      이거 보면서 서로서로 깔깔대면서 놀리기 바쁜 초딩스키즈들이 보인다...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    18. Mrs Park Wife

      I just wanna press.rhumbs up button for million timessss!!!!

    19. Naz

      Stay olmak ayrıcalıktır..

    20. Megumi Yasuko

      this is so cool but why tf Im laughing

    21. Celina Hyemin

      미친 개귀엽다

    22. EyahhMehh Sultan

      Parang Comercial nang chow king HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    23. Rebecca Aruliah

      Han the hibachi chef

    24. CanOfCaramelMelons

      Video: starts Me: Who tf said they could cook? Who tf handed them KNIFES? Holy shit, that's DaNgErOuS😵

    25. 2DG1RL


    26. Nadiyah Aisy

      Calon suami idaman🤣

    27. Kartika Maryadinata

      Omaigaddhhhhh!! Please make the official DVD for the online concert!! I need these 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    28. Yayes Army Electro

      Apenas estoy escuchando su música, tienen canciones muy buenas! Me gustaría stanearlos y este vídeo me ayudó muchooo !! Todos se ven bien lindos ♡ Y me estoy aprendiendo sus nombres (๑♡⌓♡๑) (。♡‿♡。)

    29. Гульшат Валиуллина

      На самом деле наооборот

    30. Lim Pei Yun

      OMG SO PRO LIKE A 9000000000000000000000000 STAR STRAY KIDS HOTEL OMGG

    31. Christine Ronald

      I am literally watching this for the gazillionth time

    32. first name last name

      I thought this was a song But the title us "cooking video" xD

    33. Karina Bremer


    34. lauren beare

      Lowkey seems like a trailer for Kung-Fu Panda 4

    35. Орися Гадцька

      То було красиво! Хоч і не переконливо...

    36. sa chan


    37. Marina da Rosa

      Uai que viagem kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    38. AIKA


    39. Sindi D.

      This is so funny I love this group

    40. jessica santana

      O Stray kids está só esperando eu assumir eles

    41. lisalisanomi

      That was weird

    42. Ichsaniar Amalia

      Ayen kiyowooo 😚😚

    43. Avocado stay


    44. Lucero Rivera

      Todo lo que está bien en esta vida es Han Jisung como taquero 😻

    45. Camila Solis Torrez

      I.N has me devastated, such a precious angel! Adding the key ingredient of love


      Han is so cool

    47. joyy

      what i feel like when im cooking eggs and rice:

    48. ExO


    49. Nin


    50. Kre

      I don't know why but I was laughing for the whole videoXD

    51. lu lu

      Still cant believe this actually happened

    52. flowerbean -

      i found this funny😂

    53. Deanna Attwood


    54. Yeontan’s Groomer

      The random “du” sound effect from the song is killing me and at the same time they are literally so serious

    55. someone random

      Felix: Cooking like a chef I'm a five star mishalin Me: oh yes you are my beautiful sunshineeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    56. youarebeautiful

      I died when Bang chan did this with his eye lmaoooo

    57. Kalpana Basak

      *Ok soo stray kids are going to open their cooking channel on PAprom*

    58. Kanan s

      i really wonder How long did the straight face last

    59. mai_02

      This screams unique.

    60. Мия Фигия

      Кушать захотелось

    61. qwrp 035

      전설의 쿠킹비디오 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 기엽기만 하구만..

    62. Nikoll Davila


    63. Ambrose Grace


    64. #!% — chanhee


    65. multistan

      mano que fofos kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    66. margaret falde

      Stray Kids unlocked "Hospitality" Skill

    67. Mariana Mahon Mattar de França

      많이 웃어요 I laugh a lot Eu rir muito

    68. Jaml Michael

      Lmao, fruit ninja

    69. Dami ARMY

      Hyujin wolverine on air!!!!!!

    70. Kryssan

      Seperti Teaser Pencarian Bakat Masak 😭

    71. Lovely Lovely

      seungmin: *breathes* me: *dies*

    72. honeymoon av.


      1. Neat BTW


    73. elngi fandi

      si estos chefs no me reciben cuando valla a un lugar de lujo de corea no quiero nada

    74. Sarahí Giovanni

      Oh~ So cute

    75. umi우미

      미안.. 너무 구려..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    76. aeristaytiny

      This was a cultural reset

    77. yerimverse

      this is the most "stray kids" thing I've ever seen them doing I SWEAR

    78. Anna Teresa Pacayra

      l love it

    79. Anna Teresa Pacayra

      wow good looking guys

    80. Starlink Se

      I legit use to think that this is some type of show-

    81. Kurdish ARMY

      Mashlah for y’all babys I love y’all and Kurdish stays do ♥️✨🌼🔐🥺

    82. this just me, a kpop trash

      Be honest, this isnt your first time watching this

    83. this just me, a kpop trash

      I badly wanna see the behind the scenes of this lol

    84. Little Maila

      Other boygroup: Ok we act cool Fans: oohh Soo cool SKZ: ok we act cool STAY : 😂😂😂😂😂

    85. Aye Lee Know you Know

      SKZ: Felix is our personal 5-star chef. Felix: *only sets the table and presents food*

    86. Diana

      what i've just seen, I-

    87. Angeline Clairine

      omg i always laugh when i saw this video lol

    88. Adishree Kundu


    89. mycs

      This is real quality content

    90. idol min


    91. wijeuuwonders

      Pwede na pang commercial sa Chowking.

    92. nana

      Oo~ nice cooking skills Can i order something? Ill have the chefs please :D

    93. Wilshwish C.

      This is so cool! Like super super super crazy cool!

    94. Eliza

      I'm sorry but Seungmin furiously punching the dough sdkfhskdjfh I CAN'T BREATHE

    95. あいり


    96. Tyria Novila

      Idk how many times i watched this

      1. Svetlana Alexanyan

        Y'all I am streaming this THO

    97. NISWATUN chasanah CHASANAH

      Felix ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    98. Ur papi

      I've never felt cringe,shock and laughter at the same time,strange emotion

    99. Revati Kamble

      I just can't with their handsomeness-

    100. Abigail / gaeul Han

      이게 머선 here we go