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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) : Prequel (Highlight Reel)
    Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "GO生"
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    1. Me Myself

      왜 이제서야 알아냈어ㅠㅠㅠ

    2. yeppeun ddal

      This is off topic but why do I feel like “Hellevator” is somewhat pierced into the movie called “Inception” ?

    3. _yoonkook_ hyunlix_

      Это как трейлер к какому то фильму

    4. Khlsh Nw

      Is this a movie trailer? 😵😵😵😵😩

    5. Edanur Yanar

      Bunun ne olduğunu söyleyecek bir Türk Stay?

    6. أنا إستثنائية

      I have taken on the path of yours a new approach to me and I follow it and I will continue to love and support you

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    8. Gabi Maddox

      Su voz en inglés Ulalaaa.

    9. Keyyy

      Baru liat,merinding woi keren bangett

    10. g t w i c e

      m encanta ver este video aunque no entiendo un pingo

    11. ji

      It's been 5 months and 神메뉴 era is done as well as Back Door era. Our boys really worked hard as well as stays thank you for supporting skz and helping with the 100M views of God's menu and Miroh. Let's keep streaming and supporting skz as 8. 8 IS FATE. FIGHTING!😗🤘🏻💗

      1. Myung Lee

        It rlly makes me smile. Honestly

    12. Brilliani Ulya


    13. Brilliani Ulya

      why am i crying. i'm not crying, i'm not crying, i'm not crying.

    14. avi_


    15. A Syrdal

      Okay, no one really cares but here's _my_ take. (NOTE: I'm a pretty new Stay (GM/BD era!) and I just binge-watched their entire videography yesterday, so please bear with me if some things aren't perfect! ^^') We start with *"I am NOT"* and "District 9," showing us the district facility that the boys are in and how/why they want to escape. They make an attempt to escape in "District 9," riding the bus through the barrier. However, in *"Grow Up,"* they (still riding the bus) pass a sign that says District 9, leading me to believe they ended up back there anyway. Next is *"Mirror"* and *"My Pace,"* which looks like they just give us a little more context on the district. I really didn't expect either of these two be connected, if I'm honest with you, but I'm pretty sure they are. (*"Voices"* might also take place at the district, but that might be a stretch.) The glitching in *"My Pace" shows us that for sure. Next is *"I am YOU,"* and the boys discovering more about who they are. Changbin takes down the camera at the beginning to show that they are slowly starting to rebel (which is also illustrated by them walking against the flow of the crowd in the first segment.). Then comes a jump to *"MIROH,"* where the boys are starting to make their rebellion obvious. If you remember the upside-down city from *"Hellevator"* and the cityscape from *"I am NOT,"* *"MIROH"* takes place in _that_ city. They hang around in the city for "several nights" (thanks, Chan) but nothing ever changes. (*"Victory Song"* also takes place in this city.) *"Chronosaurus"* is where they realize that to leave the district they also have to leave the city. In this video, one of them (I think it's either Chan or Hyunjin, but I'm leaning towards Chan considering what happens next) finds a key on the ground. He picks it up and they all run towards the light. *"Yellow Wood Trailer."* We start in the city again before they all head to the elevator. (You can tell they're determined--they are leaving this city if it's the last thing they do.) They take the elevator down from the top of the building to the ground floor, and are shown the same scene from *"MIROH."* Nothing has changed. "The world is the same," as the banner near the platform says. Fed up, the boys close the door again. They decide to take... "The Road Not Taken." Chan pulls the key out of his pocket and presses the button to send the elevator to "Yellow Wood." (Not a stretch, as we've quite literally seen this elevator go to hell and back.) *"Side Effects."* (Including the MV teasers!) A bus ticket. "One Way Ticket To New World." It's not real. This is the first place their timeline splits into what I'll call the BUS timeline and the NOT timeline. In one timeline, the BUS timeline, the boys trust the ticket and get on the bus. As Chan says here, "They thought of their own comfort." (I have a sneaking suspicion that the bus would only take them back to District 9 anyway. Stick with me on this.) "We thought of our own way." In the NOT timeline, they don't take the easy way out and instead continue on their own path, the road not taken. This is the timeline *"Side Effects"* MV actually follows. You can see the two moons in the sky, symbolizing the split timelines. They find their own bus-like transportation, and I do find it ironic that it's reminiscent of the bus they didn't take. Seungmin and Hyunjin end up fighting due to Seungmin's camera (which how did he get that, anyway?), and I think it's because the camera is an unwelcome reminder of District 9. The rest of the MV confuses me a little, as they still take Hyunjin with them, but then at the end of the video it's obvious he wasn't? I don't know. I watched SE about four times but I'm still working on the theory for this one. What I _can_ tell you however is they almost meet their split plotline, which could've been incredibly dangerous for their universe. The key is shown underwater, which also bugs me. The only thing I can guess is that this MV really takes place in both timeliens at once--both NOT and BUS. Anyway, despite the fact that we're still all confused over SE, it jumps to *"Double Knot"* next. Notice the glitching throughout the MV. I'm going to say something crazy, so bear with me, please. _They never left District 9._ That thunderstorm near the end of SE always looked odd and out-of-place to me, but the glitchy skies and ground in DK basically confirmed it. No matter which plotline you follow, the boys never truly left the district after *"MIROH."* That being said, DK follows the BUS plotline. The boys are back in the city, in the _district,_ and trying once again to escape. Hyunjin finds the key near the end of the video. (It looks like the same one Chan used to get them to YW, if I'm being honest.) Next is *"Astronaut,"* and this is an interesting one. In the video, Hyunjin is listening to a little sphere with an odd-crackle-shield thing around it. (I'm sorry I have no idea what to call it T.T) Later on we learn that the one talking into the sphere is Chan. Now what confuses me is what happens around the middle-end of the video. Hyunjin finds the boys, in what almost looks like a cage. So, this is mildly unsurprising. They never left the district, so of course they're still trapped there. He also finds their car from the NOT timeline. What confuses me is how did _Hyunjin get out_ of the district? Jeongin is the only one that seems to react to Hyunjin's prescence and he doesn't do so until after Hyunjin leaves, which is...interesting. The two moons reappear right before Hyunjin finds Chan, telling me that his plotline likely splits here again. In the plotline we see, he follows Chan through the door, and then...honestly? It feels like he reentered the district. *"Astronaut"* and *"Side Effects"* are the two MVs I have the most questions about, and I'm going to have to rewatch/reanalyze those two a bunch more times. At the end of the video we get a small shot of Jeongin sitting on the merry-go-round all alone, which is...interesting to say the least. *"Cle Levanter Trailer."* In Levanter era, we finally make _progress,_ y'all. It seems as though they're all stuck separately from each other, which is confusing considering how they were all together at the end of *"Astronaut."* Seungmin (who is in the elevator/Hellevator) tries to catch Jisung (who is in the same place from the end of *"Hellevator."*) but he fails. (Or does Jisung turn away? Arguably.) In the elevator, Seungmin goes a little crazy--not sure what's happening there. He ends up being in the elevator with Chan and Jisung. Chan turns the key again, likely to try to get out, but there's a prism shape on the display and instead it plummets. There's a weird noise and their compass points behind them as a prism-like structure is created. Just...c'mon, let's keep moving, hopefully the next will make it make more sense. *"Levanter."* WE'RE GETTING OUT, NOW OR NEVER. This MV takes place in two places, the field from Hellevator (FIELD from now on), and what looks like a destroyed city (CITY). Chan forces the doors of the elevator open at one point, which to me says they’re taking charge of their own destiny. I find it interesting that in the FIELD location, they’re dancing on top of a mirror-like surface, reminiscent of a...prism… Jisung, Chan, and Seungmin discover that the elevator has been destroyed. They also find the “One Way Ticket To New World.” Changbin in the CITY location, on the other hand, finds the prism, which is somehow controlling the elevator at the moment. He picks it up and then drops it. There are two moons above Jeongin, Minho, and Hyunjin who are staring at the prism-like structure from the end of the prologue. Yeah, the plotline is likely splitting again. Soon after Changbin drops the prism, the ticket, the prism-like structure, and a prism of light beams in the sky all burn. Whatever the prism represented, they’ve destroyed it. Felix, on the other hand, has found this weird circular structure. It looks like some sort of 3d weird compass thing, and it gives me horrible vibes. Chan ushers the others through a door from one FIELD location to a cleaner one. Jeongin pauses and glances over his shoulder, at what I think may be Felix, before following. All eight are now in the cleaner version of the FIELD location, and they all look… _happy._ For the first time in a while, might I add. The two moons collide into one, showing that their path is back on track. *On Track plays in the distance* And...that’s all I got so far. I really don’t see how GM or BD fits in yet. But I’ll be working on it!! Hope you enjoyed this way too long comment!! :3

      1. A Syrdal

        @Myung Lee Aw, thanks lol! ^^ And thanks for the welcome! It's really fun here :3

      2. Myung Lee

        Can I say something? I did not realise that Miroh was the city in Hellevator. How did I learn something from a new Stay? And also welcome to our fandom of chaos, drama and crackheads. I hope you enjoy the content created within this community.

    16. 야민성

      This prequel is lit! Still getting goosebumps watching this

    17. Théo Edmond

      On dit que les gens naissent différemment. Mais pourquoi a-t-on l’impression d’être tous pareils ? Nous, nous avons lavé le cerveau dans le même système. Ils attendent la perfection. Alors, comment pouvons-nous être différents? ... Un signe, un présage, un... un Glitch. Le monde m’a enlevé de moi-même. Nous avons décidé de sortir d’ici et de trouver notre vrai moi. Nous sommes allés vers une petite lumière... Avec toi. Pour avancer, nous nous sommes jetés dans LE MIROIR. Nous avons couru autour de la ville inconnue sans aucune hésitation. De nombreuses nuits se sont écoulées. Mais rien n’a changé

    18. Jing Yi

      so well made omg

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    20. queeneia bibiliaa

      seneng banget liat mereka berkembang

    21. Y O

      This is one of the main reasons why I began to stand Skz

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    25. DAY6 SKZ enthu

      this video sent shivers up and down my body and i'm crying rn TT it's never too late to stan them right, i'm grateful i discovered this great kpop group TT STRAY KIDS jjang! TT

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    27. clown racha

      Come back here because hearing chan speaks in english is satisfying af

    28. Marta Deodato

      Ok, ele contou a teoria de cabo a rabo mas ainda sim, não entendi, ai ai parabéns para mim

    29. 138

      Wow! How did I not see this master piece before His voice. The story line, The visual image Oh my god!!

    30. vasilw_06

      did anyone saw woojin in the old mvs?

      1. Myung Lee

        No he got cut out I’m pretty sure

    31. Fel Calubag

      Gosh i didn't know about this video😳

    32. Vale

      Omg I didn't know about this video, JYPE producing short films when

    33. Vanessa Altamirano

      Traducción: Dicen que la gente nace diferente, pero ¿por qué se siente como si todos fueran iguales? Nos lavaron el cerebro en el mismo sistema. Esperan la perfección. Entonces, ¿debemos ser diferentes? Un canto un presagio un ... un fallo .El mundo me aleja de mí mismo. Decidimos salir de aquí y encontrar nuestro verdadero yo. Fuimos hacia una pequeña luz contigo. En el otro, para avanzar hacia la sala, nos arrojamos al miroh (laberinto). Corrimos por una ciudad desconocida sin dudarlo. Han pasado muchas noches pero nada ha cambiado. Dimos la espalda al mundo y elegimos el camino que no tomamos. A veces, nuestra elección tuvo consecuencias en esos momentos en que compartimos nuestros miedos de impotencia y también confiamos el uno en el otro. En el momento de la elección, pensaron en su propia comodidad. Pensamos en el camino y tan diferentes lunas surgieron con diferentes opciones. Cuando nos paramos frente a la puerta ese día, pensando en la sombra de la luna al otro lado, el viento sopló. contemplamos la llave que teníamos en nuestros puños. pensamos que era la respuesta, pero era una trampa. pensamos en el camino que tomamos. En el momento en que te dejamos ir, las dos lunas se superpusieron, convirtiéndose en un rayo de luz. La luz brillante devolvió nuestro verdadero yo. Quizás fuimos nosotros los que pudimos haber convertido las lunas en una. En un mundo singular, ve a vivir.

    34. Amatullah Fatima

      The story of a real stray kids They are stray kids and we are stay with whom the want to live the world

    35. Purpul Syiem

      Wow, true tho..

    36. Salma Zalika

      Not a lie. It’s fascinating

    37. Samuel Hwang Hudson

      now everyone wants to do the same. STRAY KIDS REALLY ARE THE STANDARD!

    38. Abby Huang

      HOLY......THIS SHOULD BE A MOVIE....I AM LITERALLY SPEECHLESS.....bro they even made theorists lose their jobs...

    39. Abby Huang


    40. Letty_F

      quede así mira :o

    41. surayashoots

      they are just beyond compare. a group that sticks to their vision & creates a storyline that accumulates, step by step abt self-discovery. it's so simple yet so delivered in the best way possible at such a perfect pace. stray kids is truly amazing. they are so full of passion, not only in their music but in their choreography and their story.

    42. Veronica

      This gave me goosebumps... as a sci-fi, action, dystopian movies fan I really hope they make a movie about these theories 💀

    43. SKZ Noona

      woah ! this is amazing seriously the connections of each song. those who watched all of their comeback mv's will understand this. and it gives me goose bumps.

    44. binderella yohhh

      Chan's narration voice is comforting;; i listen to this whenever i wanna feel safe

    45. karen agnelia

      the way i just knew this video exists-

    46. bok's egg

      i know you came back here after seeing captain hook in ALL IN

    47. haes elfish

      Chan's voice... OMG.... I can't......

    48. QuinnC

      I need SKZ to make a goddamn movie years later from now about their whole song and album theories

    49. hey1111112222222

      Oh snap, they put it all together. I luv a good theory. Storyline.

    50. Noya-Senpai

      look at them now.. they grew up so well

    51. miko가차

      the fact that this video only has a handful of dislikes is just too powerful for a rookie group like them.

    52. Good Game

      reminds me to divergent

    53. Saranghae_ Kpop

      I showed my mom this and she is obsessed with and but I think she is more obsessed with Chans voice

    54. Evelyn Núñez

      I became Stay about 2 months ago, met the guys with "God's menu". But I think this is a unique way to explain how everything is connected and to show that nothing Stray Kids does is nonsense, but that each album has its reason for being. I've seen this video more than 3 times and it keeps getting goosebumps with the last sentence ... like damn, bro this is really different.

    55. Han's baby girl

      Movie ??

    56. Lillien Waligora

      If somebody ever feels lost... confused... Stray Kids are the cure, BTS told me how to love myself and Stray Kids told how to be myself(shoutout to haters who say we listen to kpop for their looks)

    57. Justine Marie

      I still get goosebumps from watching this video

    58. Samantha Lourdes Billones

      Whenever I want to hear BC's voice (continuously), I just go here and listen to him.

    59. Yujin유진

      I have been watching this like a hundred times since it released. Can jyp just do the movie about this;-;

    60. nadiyah.

      Omg i always have a goosebump after seeing this

    61. I'm Jisoo I'm okay

      Stray Kids videos is like a whole damn movie. Where can I buy the tickets?

    62. Isidora u

      soy stay desde predebut y no entendí nada. stays que hacen teorías, ¿me prestan neuronas?

    63. Gwaenchana Gwaenchana

      Ahh I love it when an artist or group's music follows a storyline. It's just so cool and unique. My brain couldn't even handle BTS' storyline already but here I am bombarding my brain again with another storyline 😅 (I'm an army and now a stay. God's menu got me!)

    64. Gwaenchana Gwaenchana

      Ahh I love it when an artist or group's music follows a storyline. It's just so cool and unique. My brain couldn't even handle BTS' storyline already but here I am bombarding my brain again with another storyline 😅 (I'm an army and now a stay. God's menu got me!)

    65. ᴅɪʏᴀ •

      This is awesome

    66. Lorena Schaefer

      the fact that im rewatching and still got goosebumps

    67. Stray Kids roast their haters and Stays eats them

      I won't be surprised if someone becomes a stay after watching this....

      1. DannyXD2010

        ✋I guess that's me

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    69. fersona aaa

      Yo viendo cómo mi teoría se hizo realidad 👁️👄👁️

    70. Rocío Nieves

      The only scifi movie I wanna watch now

    71. Damien L

      which kdrama is this?

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    75. Aishu Mallow

      Not at how all their mvs are perfect

    76. Aishu Mallow

      « We thought it was the answer, but it was a trap » Biggest plot twist of the century

    77. Aishu Mallow

      Listening to Chan’s voice is >>>>

    78. Aishu Mallow


    79. Aishu Mallow

      The fact that we saw them grow up from teens to young adults... WHO’S CUTTING ONIONS

    80. Aishu Mallow


    81. Nadia Sierova

      Я смотрю это тридцать пятый раз и у меня всё равно мурашки по коже каждый раз после слов Чана IN A SINGULAR WORLD GO LIVE щдврмждшыявржфяр

    82. Leah H.

      OMG 😍 this was like a trailer for a very good movie 😍 I had goosebumps watching this!

    83. 生banglee

      hacen un video explicando la explicación ????

    84. 生banglee

      skz sorry por tener una fan tonta como yo q no entiendo la explicación aa

    85. chel chel

      coming back here bec were gettin another eraaaa!!!!

    86. Suzanne Villanueva

      "The moment we let you go..." - Chan Is he referring Woojin in this line? Now this prequel hits different now.

    87. Vale

      Nooo what am I watching, this video is hacking my mind, dystopia is so cool

    88. Purple Yellow

      SKZ should have an anime

    89. i know you know lee know

      I didn't even know that this video existed-

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    91. Sweet Love

      I hope we get another one for IN LIFE

    92. Agata Putri

      netflix? don't you intend to make this a movie?

    93. i stan legends

      my head is about to explode from all those theories

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    95. nyum nyum

      I feel like I’ve learned everything and nothing at the same time..

    96. Lee Know

      The fact they basically plan everything and we don't notice like damn

    97. Graciella Andrianjafinirina

      Theories theories theories meori apeuda

    98. lino_spread

      Make a movie of this

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      Im back at here AGAIN because of these theories that is continuing to hurt my head.