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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) [INTRO "IN生"]
    Stray Kids The 1st Album Repackage "IN生"
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    1. I K

      The creativity of these young and talented fellahs' are FUCKING amazing!!! 😱🤯😱

    2. La bibli de Laura

      That's so cool to have their feedbacks. Love the entiere album, concert and everything 🧡🧡

    3. h

      스키즈 덕분에 jyp를 다시 보게 되었어요! 스키즈 영원하자! Always❤SKZ

    4. Dionysos CHOI


    5. nvy

      i hope lee know gets to show his dancing skills more, he said he learnt a lot so HERES TO A NEW LINO SKZ PLAYER

    6. mamichelle1000

      i looooove EX so much , and Back door too ! they are two wonderful songs and dances ! thank you , guy's !

    7. pluto lurve

      and tortoise and the hare is lit mann

    8. pluto lurve

      the album is MYGAWD. so beautiful.

    9. 일나인

      이렇게 스펙업을 하고 돌아온 모습이...🙊 탈덕불가한 코어스테이들 수백만 양성각이어요😏🤗 사랑해 울 슼둥이들❤ 자랑스러운 진짜 아티스트👏🏻 자랑스런 내 가수🌼

    10. hanjisung jeekies

      9:03 poor seungmin 😭

    11. Giselle Díaz

      LOVE THEM ALL!!!! BTW, I just read the comments below and I think there weren't subs two months ago but I hope they have re-watched the whole video because it does have subs now!!!

    12. Erial

      14:25 all men do is lie LIE AND LIE

    13. Erial


    14. abhdyr

      Love this album so much.

    15. Katherina J

      8:08 why isnt anyone talking bout this damn Minho

    16. lea

      6:25 tiktoker felix confirmed

    17. Oneika Roper

      Funny that Lee Know struggled with his part in Any and it’s one of my favourite parts. I just LOVE how he sounds

    18. 이민라Büşra

      그 엘범의 도 가사들 진짜 좋다 💕

    19. 이민라Büşra

      Any 그리고 Wow 💕💕💕💕 사실..모둔 노래들 진짜 왐벽해 (제가 터키 스테이 ㅋㅋㅋ 스키즈 안녕 ! 🤣)

    20. Manuelita Sio

      changbin the best!

    21. Manuelita Sio

      nabobo ako sa title hahhaaah go live in life nabubulol ako why naman ganon

    22. summer night

      스키즈가 스키즈했다👍👍👍

    23. Iyari Ximena Uribe

      I.N wrote “My Universe”? 🥺🥺💖

    24. skz_stay


    25. magui adb

      No lo puedo expresar en palabras ,pero ustedes son mis ángeles y les agradezco de corazón que trabajen tanto para ver feliz a stay , son todo lo que esta bien stray kids me hacen en verdad muy feliz I CAN'T EXPRESS IT IN WORDS, BUT THEY ARE MY ANGELS AND THANK YOU FROM THE HEART THAT THEY WORK SO MUCH TO SEE STAY HAPPY. THEY ARE ALL THAT IS WELL, STRAY KIDS MAKE ME VERY HAPPY 나는 그것을 단어로 표현할 수는 없지만 그들은 나의 천사이고 그들이 행복을 유지하기 위해 너무 많이 일하고 있다는 것을 마음에서 감사합니다. espero que se allá traducido bien

    26. Akita

      I'm subscribed but was notified about this little chitchat with my favorite band. I love BACKDOOR & have friends a lot younger than me & if they haven't heard it well guess what? They've heard it now over & over bc I play it constant!! Keep up the hard work bc it's paying off for all of you. I'm so proud that you didn't just give up. I love you young men. I'm 67 yrs old & have put all your music in my phone's library so I can listen to whatever song I wish to while friend drives. It keep heart beating & body going . LOVINGLY SIGNED, A PROUD 🇺🇸 FAN

    27. The Organic Food in JYP

      this is a slap for antis saying skz fake being a self-produced group

      1. skz_stay

        well they dont watch skz contents so- antis are shaking

    28. — felixthetic

      it hasn't been much but, wErE finAlLy bAcK that phrase just kept on repeating in my head.

    29. Salwa AuliaR.

      11:08 Changbin: The melody is so pretty, right? VERY VERY PRETTY, until the STAYs can feel the meaning of the song well without seeing the lyrics of the song ㅠ.ㅠ

    30. tinyeojin

      lmao han singing disco is a mood

    31. Dwaekki Mochi

      All of their album is not only a album, their album has a meaning

      1. skz_stay

        and connects to each other

    32. Dreamy_Mary

      I always feel proud when I hear 3racha discussing the process of making an album. they're so cool and deserve all the appreciation for their hard work! I wish all the boys a lot of success and happiness

    33. Monica Rivera

      How many times did I.N say sophisticated oof HAHAH

    34. Eline Paz

      Esse grupo é muito fofo, como são talentosos, amo demais!

    35. 밍승

      진짜 최고야ㅜㅜ🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 더 더 더 더 흥하자 🤍🤍🤍🤍

    36. 커피

      8:36ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 8:45찬오빠 찌찌뽕

    37. Naddy Fer


    38. Yaj Aoyama

      SKZ are so Versatile and Creative❤ From God's Menu, Back Door, Double Knot, Any, District 9, Boxer, Miroh to The Tortoise and the Hare to Ex, Sunshine, Mixtape#2, Mixtape:On Track and many more. Such Versatility!!!❤

    39. zxazam

      lee minho.

    40. Jane LC18

      14:25 caught in a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

    41. bee

      i love seungmin's ha ha ha he so cute snbsgjcddkde

    42. Valeria Del Rosal Diaz


    43. Candela Barrado

      8:37 La parte en que se divierte y el baile de Han fueron lo más, me reí mucho

    44. Beatriz Sousa dos Santos


    45. Samantha Ortiz

      "Pueden esperar mucho" FUE MÁS DE LO QUE ESPERÁBAMOS, LOS AMO

    46. ǝllıssıllǝ!

      sometimes i stare at their faces instead of the subtitles and you can just see in their eyes how excited and proud they are :))

    47. omgmei

      14:29 felix tu miras a la cámara y yo qdo en el sub piso

    48. mikee

      they weren't joking when they said we can look forward to this album. everything is bop!! our boys didn't come to play!!. im so proud of them ❤❤❤

    49. Paula Diaz

      Félix hablando inglés es mi nuevo pasatiempo 😻🤣❤️

    50. ray-kun

      00:33 why did felix sounded like a youtuber coming back from a break

    51. Jade Ezumah

      Felix: I'm not good at being sexy Me: Oh honey...Bullshittt

    52. Jade Ezumah

      8:08 I love how Minho's hair is so fluffy that it bounces back as soon as he brushes it back. Also XD You can't help but love him

    53. Jade Ezumah

      1.they are all so awe-inspiring. 2. They look ethereal at 4:10 3. Felix drop the tiktok acc. You literally just admitted to having itAlso Back Door did become a tiktok trend and a major hit you were right Felix. 4.Stream back door.

    54. gyomiehearteu

      fun fact : 5:32 she is Sienna Lalau, the talented dancer and choreographer a.k.a the hot drummer girl in ON BTS Video

    55. Maxim Hargreaves

      там ту ту ту тан тан

    56. love love

      スキズの魅力、一人一人の魅力が濃い。芸術的な面もそうだけど、人柄やキャラクターが本当にいい。大好き。 変な意味じゃなくて、本当に愛すべき存在。

    57. Nina Flowers

      Yeah understand 😇

    58. lucy _

      Lee know you're so hot

    59. Anmol Debraj

      #go live in life has a powerful meaning

    60. May Mia

      Skz just made masterpiece song

    61. stan skz for a better lifeu

      hans voice is an ASMR

    62. icarus falls


    63. icarus falls

      Seungmin in the whole video is like an excited puppy waiting for his treats ksksks so cute!! and him at the end my hearttt 😩❤

    64. icarus falls

      11:33 how can someone with a voice like him be so underrated? i just don't get it! you can feel his emotion with just a single line. YES SEUNGMIN YOU ARE THAT TALENTED AND IWANT YOU TO KNOW THAT! This song is my ultimate SKZ song and Seungmin like it too??? 😭❤

    65. MoHiraiMo

      Felix: I’m not good at being sexy Me: bruh you’re the definition of sexy-

    66. cgt th

      역시 알고보면 더 재밌는 예술작품..!!

      1. HAN SKZ

        안녕 오늘은mcountdown. Please help STAY to vote in mcountdown live vote. The live vote start at 6:00 p.m.감사합니다🧡💛

    67. cgt th

      그래서 나도 이번에 입덕했잖아 얘들아.. 음악 계속해줘 너무 좋아

    68. Yessy Skyvel

      Alguien más esta realmente agradecida de que ellos tengan traducción al español!!! Así no tengo que esforzarme en leer en inglés jaja... gracias totales!! Las latinas les agradecen! Saludos y bendiciones de México!!!!!🖤

    69. Stray kids Luisa

    70. Дарья Спутай

      Dear Bang Chan! I sincerely wish You a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎉🎉 This day is important not only for You, Your family and STRAY KIDS, but for all STAY in general... and for me personally. On this day the Universe gave You to this vicious world. 🎁🎁🎁 I'm grateful to all the gods that one day I met the STRAY KIDS and You. I have known You for several months, but it seems to me that I have known You all my life. No language in the world has the right word to describe my love to You. 🎈🎈🎈 You're incredible! You don't know, but once You saved my life. You don't know, but You cured my broken heart. You don't know, but Your smile gives me the desire to live. Only You were with me when the whole world was against me. You're the main reason I still wake up every day... the reason I'm still alive. 💔💔💔 I have known You for several months, but it seems to me that I have known You all my life. I saw Your smile, Your tears, Your pain and Your happiness. I was with You in moments of sadness and joy. I know what You went through, I saw Your mistakes and Your triumph... I know You better than You. 💋💋💋 Your efficiency is amazing, ordinary people cannot do that. You're the strongest I know. Your music is really important to me and to all STAY. I know all the lyrics by heart. It's like a prayer for me. 🎶🎶🎶 I know, You won't see my message, but I still hope. My dream is to see You one day, to hug You, to say You all I want to say. One day... But while I'm far away, so I send You my virtual hugs and kisses... and my heart. You saved me once, cured my heart, so I give it to You. I know, You're the only one in the world who can keep my heart. It's forever Yours. 💌💌💌 You're my whole world. Thanks, Chan! 💝💝💝 I love you for infinity. 💞💞💞 🇷🇺From Russia with love🇷🇺 🇷🇺From love with Russia🇷🇺

    71. Hello Children

      In short Changbin thought of "Back Door" bias right there❤

    72. Layali Alshaqsi

      Did Seungmin and I.N wrote my universe?

      1. May Mia


      2. something new


    73. Sara G

      Taking my guess now that the next comeback album may be entitled "WE生" for semi-obvious reasons, but mainly bc Channie stated that 生 has multiple meanings and stated them, live, life, live 1:01 (ᵗᵒ ᶠᵘᵗᵘʳᵉ ᵐᵉ: ʷᵉʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ʳⁱᵍʰᵗ ᵒʳ ᶜˡᵒˢᵉ?) We already have the first two down, and they like to do things in 3's ¯\_(o.O)_/¯

    74. Valentina Luna

      I need to learn korean

    75. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta

      Finalmente subtítulos. Pero me gustaría que los subtítulos los colocarán el día que salió. O cerca. Antes del comeback

    76. Irish _

      i like how they spoiled Back Door at the end of Gods Menu MV ...its unique

    77. Kinanthi M W

      I love you all and I always will :(((((((((((((((((((((

    78. Kinanthi M W

      this is so wholesome I'm crying bye

    79. 。。。。

      인생이라.... 제목이 좋다..

    80. Natalia Hernandez

      Pienso que tal vez para el próximo comeback tendrá un título de ligths up, o tal vez lights out porque en el video podemos ver como prenden y apagan las luces jalando una 'palanca' tal vez se pueda tratar de una palanca

    81. no thoughts head empty only treasure

      Seungmin wanted to know STAY's reaction to My Universe? Well, I would just like to report that this STAY cried in the car while listening to it from the sheer force of beauty.

    82. Baek Yeol

      The guy with ear piercing in black hoodie is so handsome. What his name?

      1. Potatoes Tomatoes

        That's our leader,Bang Chan❤

    83. Baek Yeol

      The guy in 2:02 is so cute. His smile is so warm and sweet

      1. Baek Yeol

        @Potatoes Tomatoes thankyou for answering my question. I'm actually still learning to know them. I'm confused when i watch another video with another hair color and style. The only one i wouldn't messed up is hyunjin :")))

      2. Potatoes Tomatoes

        That's IN(Jeongin)🥰

    84. CG STAR

    85. Rumi Darung

      Yes we'll never disappoint from you

    86. Rumi Darung

      Changbin love you

    87. Felix [lmao, you’re hOt]

      Let’s be honest... Jinyoung made that When We Disco tutorial especially for Jisung to follow.

    88. pudim

      7:50 -

    89. Dancer Anastasia

      SKZ: You won't be disappointed Me: Um... obviously! HOW CAN WE BE DISAPPOINTED FROM STRAY KIDS? It's impossible!

    90. Dancer Anastasia

      SKZ: Stay will look forward to it Me: HOW CAN WE NOT?!!! IT'S STRAY KIDS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT

    91. Wina Lautner

      What. Did they choreograph the dance themselves too ...?

    92. Aurelia Witosza

      0:37 We're finally back Felix is such a mood

    93. SS W

      They are the cutest and so precious

    94. Anina Banerjee

      3racha talking about their craft is beautiful and excites me so much!

    95. Mno Sweet

      I become a STAY in this month but I’m literally can’t stop crying pls they are SO precious

    96. The Godess

      Does Lee know call bang Chan hyung

    97. •Cookies and Milk•

      I really don’t know what to say........... Vote for them, stream back door, and lastly, Stan these angels.

    98. Ana Dekic

      Wait so 3racha made back door,tho i think while recording it they didnt get much say in it bc Minho got little lines and i doubt members would do it on purpose


      10:05 Leeknow?WHAT IS IT??TELL US OR WE WILL-


        stays,we need to watch backdoor again and again to find a spoiler cuz there is sth in it!

    100. J Wen

      Who’s coming back here again after they added subtitles?