Stray Kids <IN生> UNVEIL : TRACK "미친 놈 (Ex)"

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <IN生> UNVEIL : TRACK "미친 놈 (Ex)"
    Stray Kids The 1st Album Repackage "IN生"
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    1. Rachel Gomez

      how do they look good when they are jumping vs me I look ugly

    2. hyunjin best dancer

      im sad so im listening to this, becoming more sad

    3. Nair


    4. skzclownstay SKZ

      Ok so what if there is a story behind On Track, B Me and Ex? Like On Track is when they are in school and discover love, B Me is when they break up because of possibly selfish reasons and Ex is when they realise that they were dumb to break up and regret everything

    5. f a i r y c h a n

      if you ever feel unloved remember *8 LOVES YOU*

    6. lu

      my tears won't stop

    7. Andrea Pariona

      TT TT

    8. Andrea Pariona

      i love that song

    9. Emi Stay

    10. Goose Goose 9.O

      Ok.. Imma yeet to another teaser

    11. Goose Goose 9.O


    12. Goose Goose 9.O

      (Please ignore me.. I'm just a stay re-experiencing this era.. xD)

    13. Goose Goose 9.O


    14. Goose Goose 9.O


    15. han knowis

      No puedo creer que ya haya pasado un mes TT

    16. Yasi 08

      i came back here after watching the vlive they did the day before the comeback. when they talked about them jumping on trampoline with big smiles and then the title appeared. i can't watch this without laughing anymore. just why XD

    17. 이주연이주연이주연이주연이주연이주연이주연

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 황현진이 했던 말 생각나서 존나 웃겨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    18. han knowis


    19. Forever With Stray Kids

      Happy 1 month... hehe..♡

    20. la Vi


    21. Stray kids Luisa

      Los Amooo Con Mi Vida Entera Stray kids ♡

    22. Stray kids Luisa

      Este Video Me Hizo Llorar:(((((

    23. Ena Vuckovic

      They started the ghost trend

    24. Karl Fermilan

      Theory said that Lee Know is gone and all of the members are sad. If you noticed that Lee Know is the only member who's not inside the house. If you watch Unveil Track B Me, you'll find Lee Know laying around. Also, Han is holding Lee Know's PJ.

    25. Melody Cansino


    26. Nerina Arcaine


    27. mitake ran

      the ghost trend starts from them right????

    28. Melody Cansino


    29. yien luong

      We got minsung on the thumbnail

    30. Wulan Mustika

      Ex ex ex ex ex ex

    31. thelonewolf _yay

      so Minho isnt dead here, he is being ignored by other members in the end ;-P

    32. I'm Actually Trash

      No one My pea brain: coming back to the teaser even though the mv already released to figure out what the hell is going on

    33. Skzelf Srt

      Layang-layangnya nggak ada di MV oy. Ilang kemana?

    34. Skzelf Srt

      Dari MV nya. Mau ngeliat dimana bedanya XD

    35. miihi


    36. Dominique Magno

      Ok now that the mv is out, I want to see Stray Kids react to everyone's theories about dead Minho 🤣

    37. 夏の黄色I'm sunshine

      imagine day6 SINGING THIS SONG AAAAAAAAAA Okay, I have to stop crying for this song

    38. minho.

      Ok here’s what I got (lol): Ghost 1- Minho Ghost 2- Changbin Ghost 3- Chan Ghost 4 and 5- Felix, Jeongin Ghost 6- Jisung Ghost 7 and 8- Seungmin, Hyunjin Idk if i’m right bUt-

    39. Victoria Serna

      I live this

    40. Minsung Is Real

      Now that I’ve heard the song, learnt that Changbin based it on his experience, and rewatched this to see ghosts in the video... DID CHANGBIN GHOST SOMEONE??

    41. Kinanthi M W

      I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCHH AAAAAAAA i'm married w ex btw, release the m/v please :(((((

    42. Kim Seungmin soft

      Changbin tanggung jawab saya ikutan galau:'

    43. Kim Seungmin soft

      Yangfun w bucin bgt sama nie lagu dong:')

    44. Khairana AW

      In this short amount of vid we can agree that hyunjin's hair is flawless.

    45. Wulan Putri

      Seneng deh pakaian ghost ny jadi trend..

    46. n

      Can someone pls inform me if there will be a full version of the mv I'm new idk how these unveil tracks work

    47. 박기연


    48. khoon -

      이거 뮤비 언제나와???

      1. Dazzling spearB

        네, 기다려요

    49. khoon -

      와케 아련한거냐고 ㅎ

    50. 으아

      무대 많이 해주세요 나 미친놈 과몰입녀란 말이야 더블타이틀인 것처럼 해줘

    51. 으아

      뮤비 제발 풀어주실거죠????????

      1. khoon -

        헐...님 제가 이말 쓰려고 여기 다시 온건데 ...님 댓 보고 놀랐어여 ㅎㅎㅎ

    52. Sophia

      I could stare at hyunjins pretty face all day if i could 🥺😌😌

    53. olympe Sara

      Aren't they gonna release the whole music video???

    54. JYP NATION

      If you gyus listen it carefully there is some sound of wood burning

    55. Társila

      Ex é um HINO!

    56. Lucky Chan

      we all do know how stray kids behave on trampolines....

    57. Sammy

      Theory: Hyunjin and Lee Know were best friends during On Track, and because of the fight they had, they left each other and know they release that the fight was just dumb and that they really miss each other. In fact, during On Track, they were so much into fighting that they hurt their friends and people around them. Especially each other. So now they completely regret it and Minho and Hyunjin want each other back because they're best friends. They don't care if the other one curses them or whatever they just want each other back. And the other members want everyone to become close friends again. As they show the tape in the B Me MV i think, it shows their memories before all this happened. So they can come together again. But actually in On Track, Changbin who wrote it says that the lyrics were actually showing trying to reach one's dream. Therefore the girl in On Track is a visual representation of a dream that both people want to achieve but only one could have. Therefore they really hurt each other because of it, and here they are in Ex.

    58. familiavc vasquez castro


    59. Café Mocha, please

      I think SKZ win the trend

    60. Café Mocha, please

      Ex Bekas Tupperware

    61. cornelia angel

      Felix knows everything what's going on tiktok

    62. felix's freckles

      i dont care about the theories, if a ghost is standing in front of a transparent glass door in a bathroom im saying its seungmin and no one can stop me

    63. Melody Cansino


    64. Melody Cansino

      1.094.553 STAYS FIGHTING!!!

    65. Bon12_02

      This reminds me of Toy Story intros idk why 😂

    66. innyie


    67. Rene MZH

      Someone pls edit this into the ghost photoshoot thingy on tiktok😔✊

    68. Gwyneth Margaret Ella

      STRAYKIDS just do the ghost trend without knowing it HAHAJA

      1. Rifka Yusriyah Listi


    69. Andrea Thea

      So this is how the Ghost Photoshoot (?) trend in Tiktok?? bcz of there teaser???

    70. Flxpx X

      Nunca había visto tantos comentarios en coreano en un video de skz :)

    71. No0nA ?

      so this ghost keme keme is trending on tiktok i-

    72. RegulusPrince

      I want to know who's idea it was to dress up as ghost RIGHT NOW

    73. Ysa Joya

      This is beautiful! :))

    74. iam stay sub

      Ini lagu yang sangat bagus dan menyentuh

    75. Aishu Mallow

      This MV is beautiful than me

    76. doongie Lee

      Double time ...streamm back door

    77. Jin ky

      So are we getting a full MV for this one 👀

    78. Aime Road

      If you guys don't know, the ghosts are from the movie A Ghost Story which is a beautiful and poetic movie. It's about mourning and it has a special place in my heart so I'm really curious about who wanted to refer to it. It's more an independant type of movie so I was surprised to see it in here, but very glad that it happened ! If you guys know more than me please let me know :)

    79. 김나나

      노래 너무 좋은데.... 대박

    80. Han Jesus


      1. Aishu Mallow

        I am so happy when i see these comments BKSNSNS

      2. osaka prince

        That's very good news

    81. 𝗝𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝘅𝘅 𝗶𝗵𝘆

      Stray kids love you

    82. Do Kyungsoo

      can please this song have it's own mv? unlike ta? ㅠㅠ

    83. Naio Stay

      La presentación en Live de Ex me dejo hecha lágrimas, me dio un escalofrío de la emoción. AL verlos ahí tan perfectos bailando y cantandola TT

    84. lee somin

      bu şarkıya mv gelecek mi?

    85. Maggie Loo


    86. Maggie Loo

      TAG YOURSELF: I'm the pile of dirty clothes

      1. Aishu Mallow

        I am the floor

    87. auSTRAYlian Kids

      Loves of my life

    88. Rachel Alva-

      Wait is this just like a “trailer” and than they are gonna publish the actual m/v I’m confuzedddd

      1. Rachel Alvarenga

        Aishu Mallow ok thank you!!!!

      2. Aishu Mallow

        This is a trailer, the full mv will be released after

    89. hope

      is it just me or do you guys feel like you’ve heard this song before... like i can’t get it out of my head

      1. 빙진이

        oh same. i think this kinda have the vibe of "my side (편)"

    90. crabby af

      When I saw the ghost I started laughed

    91. doongie Lee

      Back door

    92. JeOgIyo NoOnA HoKsHi NaMjaChIngU IsSeoYeo?

      Back Door is out

      1. Seraz


    93. Naiomi Arce

      Ya me dejaron claro de que sí, tal cual como dijo Chan; Estaba mal al pensar que estaba lista con IN Life... Por dios estoy flipando al máximo. Back Door me dejo desbordando emoción y locura ♡

    94. Hwang Jifluff

      the birds chirping actually translated into : skz world domination

    95. Beshara Isaacs

      this sounds so majestic 🥺

    96. Liz


    97. sippytea


    98. Bexv 001


    99. hange zoe

      they are really beautiful

    100. hange zoe