Stray Kids <GO生> UNVEIL : TRACK "TOP ("신의 탑" OST)"

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <GO生> UNVEIL : TRACK "TOP ("신의 탑" OST)"
    Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "GO生"
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    1. Seventeen17

      Why am I seeing this so late?

    2. I'M YUNJIE

      them : what else do u want for quarantine? me : you... pft

    3. Les Carinna

      Lee know es realmente hermosooo❤️❤️

    4. RO. C

      0:43 ES LA TRANSICION DE HAN, ES LA MÁS PERFECTA QUE HE VISTO EN TODA MI VIDA !! Hasta en velocidad super lenta no se nota el cambio OMG!!! >:V AMAZING!!!

    5. Lorena Franco

      O:23 juro pra vocês que eu ouvi o Changbin falar "chupa aqui" nessa parte

    6. Maria Gomez

      Desapareció mi comentario :"(

    7. Eko Aryani

      This year feel better because of stray kids comeback

    8. KIM HAN BIN 25

      Wew 😮♥️ love you straykids

    9. Jacquelynn Butler

      I love how Jisung always sometimes leads dance breaks

    10. Sthe


    11. WeGoCarpeDiem

      STAN SKZ !!!! No. Turning. Back.

    12. Sermin Kirli

      Stray kidsin hiçbir şarkısı kötü degilki bayilicam şimdi sesleri çok iyi😱

    13. Русский медведь

      лучшие мальчики

    14. LUCAS - 4ever

      Is this the MV?

      1. LUCAS - 4ever

        @stan stray kids ثانكيو

      2. stan stray kids


    15. Jesica S-bangtan

      Y como es que me doy cuenta recién de está canción de stray kids y eso que lo estado viendo de hace mucho xD

    16. Pisces Nygyr

      best Song Ever..

    17. bad clips

      Is this j or k pop tho K pop right

      1. stan stray kids

        Check back door mv and god's menu mv

      2. stan stray kids

        Stray kids is K-pop group

    18. Norhamia Silongan

      Should I call my self as one of the STAY? HUHUHU this is the day that I'm starting to search more about stray kids!!!!

      1. Norhamia Silongan

        Thanks ❤️ I've already love them ❤️😊

      2. stan stray kids

        Please stan stray kids We are welcome new stay ☺️

    19. Omika Perera

      I won't give it up until I see the light, I go

    20. yser bang

      *All member STRAYKIDS* is Vocalis, Dancer, Rapper, Main Vocal, Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Visual, Composer, Producer, Lyrics writer, Face of the group, Cute, Swag, Dark, they are so multitalent

      1. katrina yu


    21. Akeilia Connell

      Iii love this song😭❤❤

    22. DoorG PoorG

      me to the kids in my basement: 0:49 🔫🔫

      1. Jimin GoTnOjAmS


    23. Noelia Román


    24. MACIEL Hernández

      Lo amo

    25. Nare Fernández

      Muy bueno!

    26. Marian Abela

      became a stay because of Tower of God

    27. ssing coco

      아니. 어떻게 노래도 랩도 춤도 작곡도 잘해. 평소 live도 잘하고. 진짜 이렇게 멋있으면 정말 곤란하죠~~!^^*

    28. zey y

      so good

    29. Skzelf Srt

      TOP bikin nagih di segala versi ㅠ.ㅠ

    30. خلود سعود


    31. 쥬 비올레그레이스

      신탑보다 입덕하겠네...

    32. Sandra Rey

      I just realize this is korean ver 😅

    33. Marlene Fernández


    34. N.Natasha Hamid.S



      This is in Japanese, right?


        @ssing coco Oh ok. Thx!

      2. ssing coco


    36. Rikk Hyo

    37. anonymous

      everything about this, the song, the mv, the choreo, the visuals, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT

    38. Naufal Sabiq


    39. Naufal Sabiq


    40. d


    41. Nijj Jinan

      I thought they were 9? Does someone leave?

      1. stan stray kids

        1 member already leave

      2. stan stray kids

        Skz is 8 not 9 anymore

    42. ppa ppa ppalgan mat every day

      Am I the only one waiting for stray kids to cosplay TOwer of God Characters

    43. Yoslen Effec

      Nunca olvidare esta era de channie con pelito rojo

    44. 전웨니

      Meus meninos lindos ♡♡♡

    45. Luisa Fernanda Garzon

      QUE Preciosos No se supera A Chan Con Cabellon Rojo Uwu Los Amo!

    46. Luisa Fernanda Garzon

      Como No Amar Esta Cancion esta joyita No pasa De Modaaa Uhhhh STRAY KIDSS"!!

    47. 이민호와이프황현진여친

      하아.. 이민호청청

    48. Sermin Kirli

      Off çok iyi

    49. Wen Z

      Soo good covered this song in english it's fireeee nvr tired of it

    50. 鈞

      所有歌裡面只有這首能聽 慘

    51. Choi Cake

      King seungmin’s vocals tho I bow down

    52. John Konczal

      Why is no one talking about the fact that Chan’s hair goes perfect with the background at 0:15

    53. John Konczal

      Why is no one talking about that the fact that Chan’s red hair goes perfect with the red background at the beginning of this song

    54. 유튜버우정

      노래 좋네요~

    55. Ummi Mishaly

      Lee know visual just perfect no one can disagree this

    56. skz but channie best leader

      felix could be khun only if his hair was more blue and longer.

    57. oliy com

      Skz top

    58. Irma N.

      Among us

    59. Ravi Vithlani

      Who's here from Tower of God??

      1. Ravi Vithlani

        @Shinaya its ok, I've checked out Back Door and some other songs and they are really good!

      2. Ravi Vithlani

        @Shinaya your english is good! I'm thinking about stanning them so thanks for the titles :)

      3. Shinaya

        Hi🌾 If you want check their these songs: Voices, Phobia, ALL IN, Pacemaker, IN Mashup, Hello Stranger, Mixtape#4, Miroh, Slump, Back Door. Sorry for my bad english.

    60. Tasnim Mounir

      just wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    61. Babyphoto BP

      Changbin you - I- ugh officially Bias Wrecker and best at rapper ever

    62. mystic unicorn

      I am already an ARMY and VIP, I didn't know there was another fandom waiting for me... Ps. Already hooked by God's menu, Back door, Miroh and now this 😅

      1. stan stray kids

        We are welcome new stay ☺️

    63. Bruno Candido

      Comecei a ouvir K-Pop por causa de Tower Of God...que ironia.

    64. Babyphoto BP

      *chuckles* Chan Janitor

    65. Hilda cp

      amo esta canción

    66. Twice Once

      Changbin aggressive naver let you go Killing me

    67. shay Batat

      Me: *never listened to Kpop* Tower of god: "Allow me to introduce myself"

    68. 나는김

      이노래 왜 이제 알았지 ..

    69. stray kids forever

      Seeeeungmin Haaaaaaan IIII.NNNN Hyuuujiin BAAANchAaaaN Feeeeelix Chaaaanbiing Leeeknowww Straaaaay kiids

    70. kookmin Jimin


    71. Marizet Mirella Nalvarte Bustamante


    72. Hilda cp

      str34m Miroh

    73. antonia

      I'll never get over on blonde han jisung

    74. Hanane Ghomari Multi-Stan

      I’m seriously confused, are these ppl at MAMA blind or what??! How are these talented kings not NOMINEES for not even ONE category?!!.....I’m confused

    75. Khryslla Costa


    76. Lola Doriglio

      Their legs at 2:43 :🚁 hyunjin looking hot af

    77. Elizabeth Santana


    78. RayOfHope

      Wow... amazing song... 😍😍😍😍

    79. Hilda cp

      just for they I will watch anime u.u

    80. I K

      yoooooo that shit was fireeeeee!!

    81. Stray Kids

      ES QUE SON PERFECCION 👁️👄👁️ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOS AMOOOOOOOOO

    82. keziah marchon


    83. Ivy Shi

      it’s the synchronized head whip for me at the end boi that was very attractive and idk why


      what's his name 0:46

      1. A

        Han jisung

    85. STAY forever

      Excuse me but this choreography is hard as hell! Give them some praise non STAYs!

    86. abhdyr

      Прив кд чд.

    87. 김지원


    88. skz but channie best leader

      other groups crying because they don't have an allrounder like Han Jisung.

      1. Palistha Shilpakar

        Im new in this fandom and when i saw han jisung i was like DUDE HOW IS HE REAL he's the main RAPPER but his singing voice*chef's kiss* and his dancing oh my at first i thought he was in the dance line and hes got the visuals and also he writes and composes songs like WHAAAAAAAAT

    89. luuchhhi

      I love this song!!!

    90. 2 8

      Never let you go

    91. Villano, Diana Fe V.

      So this is the Among Us SKZ version huh? 👀

    92. nico

      Son mi fuerza

    93. Selen Selen

      Çok güzelsiniz yaa aşklarım benimmm❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕🧡💙💙🧡💚💛💚💛💚💙🧡💙💜💛💙💛💙💛💙🧡💜💛💙💛❤️❤️❤️💛💙💙💛💜💛💙💛💙💛

    94. Selen Selen

      Baby♥ Turkish stay

    95. Mika Quiroga


    96. Salem Lee

      I'm gonna watch the anime because of this song. I hope it'll be worth it, 'cuz I didn't have a good anime in a while. If you wanna recommend sth, don't be shy ;)

    97. Daniela Vivian

      LEE KNOW ❤

    98. 퍽왓더

      1일1탑하는중 노래개좋음ㄹㅇ중독성미침 게임할때 들으면 파이팅생김 개좋다그냥

    99. Zulfan N


    100. KiiD Nova

      God is love. This is beautiful, and I'm here because of Tower of god