Stray Kids "Back Door" M/V Teaser

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Back Door" M/V Teaser
    Stray Kids The 1st Album Repackage "IN生"
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    1. Vale

      Pompompompooom Ahhh I just noticed they used scenes not included in the MV omg

    2. Kim jongin Mmmh

      Hepsinde ayrı asalet var *TURK4ISH ST@Y*

    3. Yday escaping

    4. kim taehyung Stan

      *HEY YOU WANNA COME IN* *felix* and his iconic lines.

    5. Kpop Multifans

      Who is watching teasers again ?

    6. Maï- Lang

      Aaaaah I remember when I saw the teaser when it released and aaaaah I was so excited and it's just crazy now because back door became an iconic song for me 😭😭

    7. Aulia Dewikookie

      2020 im here

    8. Kania Savitri


    9. Jc AGOY

      Hey you wanna come IN

    10. 니나니나

      역사가 시작 되는 소리

    11. Анна Рябова

      тизер так не похож на песню, но и похож сразу, звучит классно

    12. im so lovely


    13. trejo love

      mampir :)

    14. jeonxjs

      mampir buat selingan str3aming

    15. Vanessa GR

      Dios aún no supero tremendo arte, son increíblemente geniales, los amo, stay por favor sigue dando mucho amor a estos hermosos chicos

    16. Changlix Luv

      I love it

    17. Susan XD

      El mejor teaser que he visto XD

    18. alaa stars 25


    19. Lexy Playz

      This era is truly something different (in a good way)

    20. ashley angeles

      still gives me goosebumps

    21. Solange Holanda


    22. SunsetRiver

      I wish I cud relive the experience of hearing the teaser for the first time again and then dying when the song actually came out. I legit remember having a heart attack over how good this sounded.

    23. Nayruth León

      Bueno hagan str34m a Back Door

    24. pacar ruto sekian ke2


    25. Amira u.u

      No entiendo pq sus teasers tienen tan pocas vistas si son tremendo arte, yo me quede sin oxigeno cuando lo vi 🤧

    26. Markly's LIKE

      why do i still come for this teaser (this this the one of best stray kids teaser)

    27. Misael Gervacio


    28. Gra yosh

      Bang mampir bentar yh

    29. Selpi aulia 4

      Punten mas pilix

    30. Dhesta Meilinda

      Tuk tuk tuk tuk Nggett~

    31. Amel hamed

      Love you 🥰

    32. I GOT IT

      To be honest . This isn't your first time here

    33. Felix's Friend Wouldn't Give Him A Raw Egg

      I remember how many times i watched this on repeat 🥺😭✨❤

    34. ːlino

      hayatımın en iyi 56 saniyesi::

    35. Qian Kun

      the first 14 seconds kinda sounds like 19-

    36. •baby matcha•

      Even just the teaser is already hype

    37. Selpi Aulia 2

      Halo felix

    38. Selpi Aulia 2


    39. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta

      Jjhuv funny

    40. Fani :v

      2 Bulan njir

    41. {sᴛᴀʏ- sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs}

      SUPER COOL!!!!! Stay latinas reportence!!!!

      1. Mixu ac


    42. Queensa Nisa


    43. hyuri skz

      Kalian kalau mau Stream hard.. Lewatin 3teaser Skz aja.. balik lagi ke MV Back door. Biar cpt 100M guys

      1. Syfaa Kiraniy


    44. fried rice


      1. fried rice

        @gue skies hii skies -3-

      2. gue skies

        Hi fried rice

    45. sftboyren

      x: supera de una vez back door yo: SUPERAR BACK DOOR???? NI SIQUIERA SUPERO EL TEASER

    46. disgustedsoobin

      Even though I've watched the music video about hundreds of times I need to come back here🚪 🏃‍♀️💨

    47. yoshinori baby

      my fav ✨❤️

    48. Marie Marie

      this became 1 month old 2 days ago

    49. yoshinori baby

      hyunjin ur killing me

    50. flxffylixie

      I miss this era already-

    51. flxffylixie

      It’s already been nearly 2 months since Back Door has been released now..

    52. stan pentagon

      stray kids is sooo good that I keep coming back to this teaser, even their teasers are masterpiece👏👏

    53. K-Pop FMV

      Sondaki melodi çooook güzell

    54. I'm the Pennywise In Cell#4

      I'm still crying over it

    55. mochi 589

      0:27 why does this hot so different why?! Why can't I stop watching it

    56. mochi 589

      I like how they showed the best looking members in the first 10 seconds of wait there all in the first 10 seconds

      1. minsung is sailing

        ohhhhhh the way I was about to fight...looll you got me in the first half ngl

    57. Goose Goose 9.O

      ... Imma yeet to the actual mv... now... :)

    58. Goose Goose 9.O

      Ahhhhhhh.. Felix's "You wanna come in".. ☠☠☠

    59. Goose Goose 9.O


    60. Goose Goose 9.O

      And the beat at the enddddd... I'm dead.. ☠☠

    61. Goose Goose 9.O

      Ahhhhhhhhh.. Felix's partttttt

    62. Goose Goose 9.O

      I'm getting impatient for the whole MV...

    63. Goose Goose 9.O


    64. Goose Goose 9.O

      (Please ignore me.. I'm just a stay re-experiencing this era.. xD)

    65. Alexander Salazar


    66. Souraya Rita


    67. hikariひかり


    68. - Hity


    69. nayely romagnoli

      Hagan Str34m al mv!!!

    70. nayely romagnoli

      Que bonito, esto ya tiene más de un mes

    71. wesley TSIMANEVA

      Felix nanana eh

    72. َ َ

      jyp you cant do teaser just let yg help u 🤦‍♀️

      1. minsung is sailing

        @Janeta Gale exactly...lmfao they literally ruined treasures cb with spoiling everything jyp spoils a lot too but yg is worse

      2. Janeta Gale

        What are you talking about? YG literally release the whole song for Treasure for their teasers. That’s even worse then JYP.

      3. minsung is sailing

        yg are even worse.....they spoil EVERYTHING for treasure

    73. Angel Castro

      stray kids 100% pure talent

    74. Food Lover

      Who's coming here after watching the music video after 73673625262 times?

    75. _A.R.M.Y DINAMITE

      Есть русские? Или я тут одна? ;-;

    76. hwang things


    77. Multi Kpop Fan

      The fact that am here after seeing the Music video.

    78. mel

      theyre the leaders of the 4th generation

    79. Uykucu Goo Hara


    80. coda

      i'm still stuck wondering if the unlock vcr is connected to any of this

      1. minsung is sailing

        praying that they'll have cb with that concept one day

    81. Nctye laf atanın ümüğüne çökerim

      Teaser bile etkisindeyim hala teşekkürler


      1month already

    83. osaka prince

      omg i got nct dream's deja vu ad AAAAAA my poor stayzen heart

    84. Emaan Fatima

      OMG..looke at their steps..

    85. Nctye laf atanın ümüğüne çökerim

      İsicem fazla fazlaiui

    86. Xoluv


    87. Nctye laf atanın ümüğüne çökerim

      Bağımlılık yapıyor. Cidden

    88. Nctye laf atanın ümüğüne çökerim

      Yaktın beni back door

    89. RoseIronHeart

      all* of the members in stray kids are all rounders. imagine having so many talented people in your group 😭

      1. Soyol Burte

        @sjsjsj jsjsjs wtf?

      2. e w

        @Soyol Burte no, you are.

      3. sjsjsj jsjsjs

        @Soyol Burte the video is about skz the soundtrack is about skz the comment is about skz and you are talking about bts and not every bts member is all rounder for example suga is an amazing rapper (one of the bests in kpop) but he is not that good in dance and vocal

      4. multistanverse _crystals

        @Soyol Burte bruh this is about stray kids?? Why bring bts in here, this is why they call us armys toxic. Gtfo, and plus not all bts members are all rounders, and I say this from an army

      5. 스트레이키즈스테이

        @Soyol Burte bruh wtf bts has nothing to do with this. why commenting about bts on a stray kids video and comment. armys are so annoying ngl.

    90. RoseIronHeart


    91. yan fa2


    92. Nctye laf atanın ümüğüne çökerim

      Yaktın beni back door

      1. antilere beyin dağıtma vakfı


    93. Phoebe Saberon

      best boys

    94. Nctye laf atanın ümüğüne çökerim

      Harikasın back doof

    95. aju YiKeS A random cube trainee

      The fact all of Felix’s lines are in the teaser h u r t s

    96. Goose Goose 5.O

      Happy 1 month.. yeet

    97. jisung han

      damnn this had more likes than their previous bside m/vs

    98. 휴지 안먹은지 좀 됐지

      진짜 빽도어 궁금해미칠때가 엊그제인데 벌써 3주전임 와..ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋ

    99. Nelida Centon


    100. Nelida Centon