NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V Teaser 2

JYP Entertainment

2.3 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼307

    Pre-Debut Digital Mini Album
    『Make you happy』 M/V
    2020.06.30 Tuesday 0:00 ON AIR
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    1. football46


    2. Başak Saran

      Who is here after niziU's debut "Step and Step"

    3. APP's Z


    4. APP's Z


    5. Jisoo Kim

      We cant deny that JYPE is the best when it comes in making girlgroups.

    6. Shambhavi Dubey

      Jyp please tell me when are you going to debute another new girl group becoz I also wanna be a part of it

    7. Phuu Pwint Kyaw

      I am here after the song and now i become Withu. I stan jyp and yg. My favorite k pop gg are Twice❤ Blackpink🖤 Itzy and 💛 Niziu 💙

    8. iam_ me

      I am here before the debut"_"

    9. jeongguk


    10. Nikki

      NiziU ❤️❤️💫 Ayaka Mako Mayuka Maya Miihi Nina Riku Rima Rio I love NiziU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. Vali Semyazza

      JYP Entertainment 사나를 주인공으로 이렇게 노래를 만들어

    12. Aadi BlinkxOnceuxArmy

      Cant wait niziu!

      1. Aadi BlinkxOnceuxArmy

        Ilang comment ko na ba to whaha

    13. Kevin singha

      I m WITHU

    14. NIZIU大好きリマちゃん1推し


    15. Tiffany Martinez

      Nina is the reason I'm here

    16. bunnyunnie 토끼

      Char lang lahat toh(i hope😉😏) JYP aasahan ko yan ah magiging one of them din ako hehe JYP 아 나도 그들 중 하나가 되었으면 좋겠어 hehe

      1. bunnyunnie 토끼

        wala lang trip ko hahahahahhaha

      2. bunnyunnie 토끼

        Japanise ver.(hehe) JYP aasahan ko yanahそれらの1つをmagigingdin ako hehe

    17. fauzi tri hastari


    18. Charish Dimayuga


    19. Charish Dimayuga


    20. Santi Luna

      Les dije que era entero copiao los pasos

    21. Hermioneee Jean

      Another stan-worthy girl group has been introduced!!! Go girlsss!

    22. せろり


    23. Simply Life

      I like girl groups with girls that have no high pitch voices and can rap really well. Let's hope this is one of them..from the looks- doesn't seem like it.

      1. BPiperDude

        @NiziU_Fighting Nina. She was supposed to do a falsetto note but she didn't on the Music Day performance. Still hit the note but she accidentally did it with her normal voice.

      2. NiziU_Fighting

        @BPiperDude did you mean Nina on singing a falsetto note without having to sing a falsetto??? Or Miihi?

      3. BPiperDude

        They do have 2 good rappers but they also have a girl that can sing a falsetto note without having to do falsetto so 1/2.

    24. Sean Cali

      Thx for making me happy 😁😄😄😃😀😇😌😉🙃🙂

    25. is sana gay


    26. nana k.



      i like the rap OMG

    28. ositopolar kaway piamenoticeo

      here before the debut and make you happy 100M 100M we can withu

    29. にむ

      jypの所属の曲のダンスして 全部繋がるのが凄い

    30. Lee rim

      Tell me like ooh aah fancy me do not be icy I'm so hot no goodbye baby goodbye

    31. よこすかのサワヤン

      このTeaser見る限りMake you happyは色々なグループのダンスを合体させた物なのかな? 誰か分かる人いますか🤔

      1. yu zu

        ラップのところはそうだと思います 縄跳びダンスと呼ばれるところなど、ラップ以外の振りはNiziU独自かと 間違ってたらどなたかご指摘お願いします🙇

    32. Ezekiel joseph content

      niziU is copyright any twice and itzy song

      1. NiziU_Fighting

        They're under the same company and JYP wrote the song

    33. K- TIME

      Here before debut)

    34. Ken Tuscano

      I can say that “I was here at the VERY beginning before the debut happened”

    35. saidani manel

      I don't know why jyp didn't do things like that for itzy

    36. Inkom

      *holy frick*

    37. Chaewon Wiz*one


      1. Chaewon Wiz*one

        @JCK i understand now !

      2. JCK

        @Chaewon Wiz*one They aren't in Korea to debut in Korea but to train and then debut in Japan. It really is the same exact thing as Boy Story who were trained in Korea as well but do all their promo in China. All of his groups he states he wants to make them international but they all have a primary focus and NiziU is Japan not Korea. Or am I misunderstanding again?

      3. Chaewon Wiz*one

        @JCK No what I'm saying is like take for example Produce, Jyp gonna do a produce in China and after the final he gonna bring them to the Korea to debut

      4. JCK

        @Chaewon Wiz*one I see what your saying A Boy group that is both in Korea and China??? Something how NCT did it with WayV? That I haven't heard.

      5. Chaewon Wiz*one

        @JCK Yes i know boy story but boy story already debut in China so it will be better a Chinese boy group who debut in Korea

    38. Mood Playlist

      A warm welcome for them ❤

    39. jungkookscoconuthead

      B*sh we all know NIZIU is good

    40. ARTS 101

      Can't waaaaait ❤️❤️❤️

    41. Aquarius Blink

      Excited for the new girl group! Glad to say i've been there before their debut

      1. parul sharma

        Chalo koi to indian hai yhan 🤣😂

    42. Shane Vlogs

      Finally im here before debut ^^

    43. 닉넴뭐로하지

      대놓고 "제와피 선배들 계보를 잇겠습니다" 이런 느낌이라서 좋다


      It's funny

    45. Eunice Fajardo


    46. 제니Jxnny

      쪼두 ㅑ ㅎ댖 ㅕㅔ ㅑ ㅈ무ㅜㅁ ㅠㄷ ㅑㅜ ㅁ ㅜㅑㅊㄷ 둣ㄷㄳ먀ㅜ ㅡ둣

    47. Sam S.

      Wonder Girls. Tell Me, So Hot Miss A. GoodBye Baby Twice. Ooh Aah, Fancy Itzy. Icy Jyp's Girl Group😢

    48. ココミ

      I’m very happy that there will be a new girl group, although Itzy has just started their new journey as a makanae group to Twice and I feel it’s too early to debut these girls.

    49. A

      0:04 TWICE-fancy 0:05 Itzy Feel like they also shot their mv there

    50. Samantha '

      why didn't they put jyp bgs :(( jyp hates their boygroups SO much

      1. JCK

        Even if NiziU debuts they will have 5 boy groups to 3 girls groups that produce music. So you want a 6th boy group vs 2 girl groups instead? Originally both Stray Kids and Got7 were to be on tour this year until everything shut down. Even with that Got7 did release an album and Stray Kids did 2 even 2PM did a "best of" Album release and they are 10 years old. Day6 released an album and are just about to release a second. I'm pretty sure that Got7 will do another by the end of the year so that means that EVERYONE has 2 albums or mini's etc... I don't see how parity = hate for one type of group or another. And for debuting a foreign group. Boy Story was first and NiziU was (will be) second. -List of current groups under or created by JYP Entertainment that are still considered active (2PM has been on hiatus due to military enlistments but all are back now) 2PM (boy), Got7 (boy), Day6 (boy), Twice (girl), Stray Kids (boy), Boy Story (boy), Itzy (girl), NiziU(girl)

    51. hehe what


    52. hehe what


    53. hehe what


    54. hehe what

      pls focus jyp focus on your other boygroups too!!!

    55. 4piyo


    56. 착한그녀

      뭐라고 소문나서 왔는데 별거아니네

    57. Alexis Joyce Sardiña

      Dear Jyp, Pls Add More Boy Groups Stop Mistreating Your Boy groups Stop Overworking Your Groups Thank you Jyp.

    58. AnOddieButA Goodie


    59. U-U potato

      NUUUUU twiiiiceeee :(

    60. pranpriya manoban

      Here is the proof that you were here before debut supporting them 👇

    61. Anonym

      I jst realized Wow they rlly are a copy of Twice-

    62. Prince Michael


    63. zuzubish

      here since pre debut

    64. Kumiko San

      I'm SO proud of them 💕💕

    65. Egg Sandwich

      Here since episode one of niziproject

    66. Dada Mocorro

      Finally❤️ I have been waiting for this😍😍

    67. Sanjay Somvashi

      Jyp : the next girl group AFTER A WEEK Jyp: ya that's me and my other personalities.

    68. Nieng Lun

      I’m already a fan

    69. Kim Suni

      F for ITZY who didn't even have 1 year being ROOKIES and they already debuted with another group, Yuna is no longer a maknae :(

    70. thao nguyen

      No one: JYP: The narator at the end: *baka* 0:25

    71. Palmu 1357

      I was surprised seeing twice and other gg

    72. Keira Shen

      Me: *while im waiting for my meal to heat up in the microwave pretends to skip rope doing the choreo from make you happy*

    73. twicelver -

      big 3 privilege is real

    74. 나라고

      제와피라고 도장 찍네 ㅋㅋㅋ

    75. The Poğaça

      Me:sees favorite girl groups in the teaser. Also me:*cries like a idiot baby*

    76. Filih Widiastra

      I here before they debute hhhh

    77. peaches & lips

      i watched the mv befode the teaser ._.

    78. Relaxing Music ch

      부드러운 파도 소리와 함께 시간의 파라다이스 해변은 휴식을 취하고 환경을 밝게합니다. 아름다운 경치와 자연의 소리, 휴식과 웰빙을위한 자연 음악과 비디오. 휴식을

    79. army mang


    80. 김아루

      jyp 관계자님들 우리 트둥이 vlog 처럼 니쥬도 vlog 찍어서 올려주세요

    81. oh nana

      and here i can finally say that i followed and have a favorite girl group since before debut and i can understand japanese too so need of caption to me 😭💜 waiting desperately

    82. Jofannie A. Sinaga

      JYP has an online audition

    83. Jones

      I can foresee then winning the best girl group of the year in 5 years from Now

    84. Airi SS


    85. Jayzzech

      Twice was mentioned twice ✨✌️

    86. Andrew Tejano

      I hate the new girl group

    87. ً김유민

      모든 상징적 인 Jyp 노래!

    88. Rocael Vicente


    89. 【s u n a n d m o o n 】

      I wonder if the other groups know about this

    90. Maya Trivedi

      #JYP #Tseries #collabration *Dear* , *JYPe* please have collaboration with T-series (India's music production company) to encourage many talents of India to rise and showcase their talents and get a chance to become a singer and a dancer back in India under the label of *JYPe* by introducing a show like Nizi project in India .As you did for Japan giving the gift of a girl group *NiziU* . This idea can make kpop very popular in India, as India don't have entertainment companies like korea and even their is no strong roots for young talents to secure their career in music . *I hope the company will think about this suggestion seriously and do think working upon this when conditions get normal*.

    91. —Sofi Bel

      Mames JYP >:v estamos en plena cuartena ù-ú y debutas a un grupo Tengo una pregunta :"D Estudes apoyan a otros grupos en vez de la JYP entertaiment? Es que cuando debutó itzy no me dio buena impresión además ya tiene mucha fama ,bueno como son de la JYP tampoco tiene que ser por la agencia para tener tanta fama como dicen, bueno cuando debutó itzy habían otros grupos que ya habían debutado como ARIAZ y no le dieron importancia por que la agencia no era famosa por mientras ITZY debutó en JYP además si ITZY ubiese debutado en otra agencia como STRARSHIP, MNH, BANANA, KAKAO, FANTAGIO entre otras agencias que no son conocidas no hubiese tenido esa fama :/

    92. Lelia Bustillos

      i like how they put in parts of songs from a few other groups i think it’s cool!

    93. goon li

      Hey~ JYP

    94. Shrekeroni

      anyone else here since episode 1!!?

    95. Thi Dinh

      They be supporting their older sisters by including their songs So proud The MV is so good JYP was in it His face is iconic

    96. ryujinismyhusbando

      *I can finally say i was a fan of them before debut*

    97. 댓튜브

      원더걸스 SD화질이라 4분할당한거 보소..

    98. Ananass_ 707

      у меня аж мурашки от рэп партии

    99. Bl UE


    100. Official_谢济扬

      Can we just notice that the lyrics match with the corresponding girl groups which had songs with those names? Like when the lyrics said -Fancy (TWICE) -Be ICY (ITZY) - So Hot (Wonder Girls) So JYP combined them to make the perfect lyrics for their *NEXT GIRL GROUP*