JYP NO.1 X 50 #7 길

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    JYP NO.1 X 50 #7 길
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    1. 오호라 OHHRA

      eng sub Where does this road lead? Where is it taking me? I’ll never know But I still keep walking Are the paths for people already arranged? Or do you choose and create the path that you'd like to choose I’ll never know Still I keep walking Why am I standing on this road? Is this the road that I am destined to be Will my dream be achieved at the end of this path? What will really make me happy? Wealth? Money? Or the people I love? I want to know But I still cannot find the answer I want to choose this road with confidence And be sure that this is the path I want to walk Not look back with any regrets It’s the path I want But I’m still not sure which road it is Why am I standing on this road? Is this the road that I am destined to be Will my dream be achieved at the end of this path? What is my dream? Who am I trying to achieve to this for? If I achieve this, will I be happy....

    2. 수영

      자서전적 노래 같아요..

    3. Storytelling by Noblesse


    4. Kotama ITOU


    5. 金始榮

      내가 저기 위치에 서 있었다면 지금 여기서 죽어도좋다고 생각했을듯 ㅜㅜ 노력이 보답받으시는것같아 좋네요

    6. Ser Sirk

      I found it amazing that he doesn't use IEM

    7. Huskar Sven




    9. おちゃ


      1. 사돈어택


      2. おちゃ

        2:43 ここ、私も一緒に合唱したい!餅ゴリさんのライブ行きたい!日本でライブして欲しい。

    10. danis

      What a person so dedicated to what he does Has so well deserved the name of artist CLAP CLAP CLAP CCLLAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    11. le e

      jyp 가 이노래 부르니깐 너무 좋은데?



    13. wawawa wawa

      아~중딩때 생각난다~~~~~~

    14. 오로지먹기위해산다

      왜 저러는 걸까요?

      1. jin ro

        뭐가 문제죠?

    15. Fahmi Desu

      Lyrics pleaseee, so i can sing along with him :(

      1. dennis017


    16. 엄숫

      제왑님 노래에 진심으로 몰입하는 모습이 넘 감동적입니다

    17. 유니

      best lyrics !!

    18. luckyStar

      Are the songs in chronological order here?!

    19. lovication

      진짜 대단한 사람...

    20. 제왑삐

      딕션 오진다

    21. 히믈래

      돈 명예 다 가지셨네요. 그런데도 여전히 빛나는 열정 너무 멋있다🤣

    22. Milyena TV

      This is making me emotional

    23. Saoka & Souli

      That's a great voice

    24. ahseey

      Legendary 💚

    25. kriss kobashi

      The first song that brought me to love JYP songs and artists... I still cry a river every times I heard this song 😭😭😭

    26. dlwnsghek 25

      His voice is so clear🥰

    27. Wulandari Mita

      Iki biange skz,GOT7,dll.

    28. Aisyah

      G.O.D. , 2PM, WG and Miss A were great legends.. DAY6 has bop songs but they were madr by the members. So I personally thank JYP for making the bops for those groups.. I never like his songs for twice and got7

    29. Ra Luna

      You are a legend JYP

    30. emi lee

      ooh i love this song so much

    31. Dork Idol

      His voice make my heart warm, such a beautiful voice.

    32. Kirk Layer

      이런 명곡이 ...

    33. MINAfied

      I lowkey enjoying this.😅👉👈 I even made a playlist.

    34. Jullya Well

      JYP best CEO best Artist 😍👏💓💕

    35. rickyla viente

      I really love this song. I listened to god during quarantine April 2020. April 2020 was the time I started listening to God songs for 2-3 weeks

    36. b fool

      This is such a legendary song I'll let this one slide but you're on thin ice sir

    37. Kandi Hana

      What the title of this song?

      1. frosteinburg

        Road - g.o.d Composed by JYP

      2. theone1

        G.o.D's Gil or Road

    38. Suga•.•cube

      I see jyp has been looking at his “jyp archives” 👀👁👄👁

    39. nos ribu

      Keren banget musiknya

    40. Daniel Farshipov

      For a moment i thought it was a Christian song...!

    41. 흰수염고래

      선물처럼 올려주시는 영상에 마치 공연장에 나도 있는것처럼 한참동안 행복합니다! 역쉬 제왚!

    42. Pratigya Kadam

      Come on jyp is the best CEO & ARTIST.... THAT'S PERIOD.....BT I only have one complain please add eng eng suba early to twice videos.....;)

    43. TV살어리랏다

      크으 지오디 명곡들 다 부르네 사랑해 그리고 기억해 길 거짓말...

    44. So-ul

      my fav song

    45. Elsa Myristika

      JYP >< g.o.d

    46. Soyon Lee

      His songs are so timeless ❤️

    47. Dubu Kim

      Road by god compose by jyp

    48. Praneeth Keerthi

      This sounds like south indian love songs so beautiful

    49. Liv Ph

      So love this song ❤

    50. TEEHEE

      길 ㅜㅜ 좋다

    51. Corn Flakes

      ily dad

    52. Zeynep Korkmaz

      I am the first Turk Türkler kendini belli etsin

    53. Isa 65802

      Feel like boyz 2 men song..

    54. Aarii Acuña

      Canta hermoso❤❤❤ Nunca lo habia escuchado

    55. Frozen Helios

      With that outfit he looks like a waiter :D

    56. BAMINN


    57. [책권자]책권하는남자

      My way, My life My dream!!

    58. PIKA CHUUU

      He's such a great artist.

    59. Wendyy :o

      My bais is out here🥴🤚🏼

    60. nur laila

      Babehh jewapeh 😍🤘

    61. 僕秀

      이야 오랫만에 길 듣는데 좋다. 크~ 이게 노래지.

    62. Farjana Muntaha

      WHO is he?!

      1. Mocha JYPNation

        He is an Artist, under his own COMPANY JYP ENTERTAINMENT.

      2. Jewel Lee

        Park Jinyoung (JYP), he is artist in also the owner of JYP

    63. lalalatae :D

      whoever stans jyp, skz, got7, twice, day6 are legends its scientifically proven by crack vids :D

    64. Lino


    65. ho zhong hng

      i think the fans are equally as good singers as jyp himself, nation's producer

      1. Ganesh M

        There are back up singers too. Nevertheless the crowd are enjoying it and did well too

    66. Neelam Hasin

      The song is beautiful

    67. Meisy Sirait

      thanks for make greatfull artist

    68. Lorena Haro

      I loooooove this song, Road by G.O.D.



      1. issa ᜁᜐ

        excuse me but uhm before he sung this song he already performed different songs, if ur questioning his voice stability, i guess everyone gets tired after performing? he even danced so ~

      2. Mac Tian

        He's fart still better than your voice i bet..

      3. SynthesisThirty

        I bet you can't sing like him so you are jealous

    70. lalalatae :D

      coming this early is a first time thang

    71. Arum Mahda vikia

      wow park jinyoung nim

    72. koshi

      jyp oppar 🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘💗💗💗💗

    73. Kim

      I love you uwu

    74. fox rain

      Song he made are truly legendary and huge bops tho... He can make fun song, sexy song, feel good song, emotional song, motivational song, uplifting song, refreshing song, cute song, etc, like whatever songs he made for himself, or other artists will give impacts one way or another.

    75. シAlex

      Yes my dad so talented ( ◠‿◠ )

    76. Lamia Zaman

      So much Jyp content

    77. Laeti Tia

      His voice ahh

    78. maj venus


    79. lu lu RyujinXYeji

      Daddyyyy JYP❤

    80. 顏蘊華

      I'M crying Feel so sad...

      1. salcazoid

        This is not sad song lol. This song is about meditating yourself.

    81. Nopia Ismawati


    82. Sonia

      He’s such a good artist i wish i had attended to his concert

    83. 호석정

      Plz explain... What is this? 😅

      1. frosteinburg

        This was his dream concert where he mentioned on knowing bros to sing all the songs he composed that hit #1 on music charts and invite the recording artists to sing with him but schedule constraints so he just decided to sing everything by himself.

      2. Allison Sheridan

        He had a dream to hold a concert when he is successful in producing 50 NO#1 ALL KILL chart songs. This is that concert

      3. theone1

        Jyp doing his quarantine concert uploading free. This concert was sing all 50 of his #1 charted songs.

      4. Epic Ducks

        찌릿찌짓 idk-

    84. katy lamis

      Early omg

    85. NGN20 GAS

      jyp나의 심사를 받아라..공기반 소리반 내는게 중요하다능..곡을 많이 불러서 그런가 음정 엄정 떨어지넹 ㅋ

      1. 최트트는ᄋᄋ트크


      2. 나여니원스


    86. Ariya Yaya

      Sounds like a good karaoke singer

    87. 8.1_kamila syafiyah amanda_12

      The best ceo:)

    88. Itzmiii Ji Ahn

      The best ceo & Dad 👏👏👏💓❤

    89. Eduardo Garcia

      You are the leader JYP!

    90. rianaa

      Best ceo and best artist....

      1. Love yourself

        Hes not the ceo

      2. Shuangli Liang

        And they have the best fandom

    91. Hi Ufo

      I’m not even this early to twice comebacks I-

      1. catoer teguh

        Me too

      2. Rachel Aurelia

        Same omfg ,me with Day6 tho

      3. yyunnerr


      4. Epic Ducks

        Hi Ufo oml same-

    92. 몽몽

      ㅇ..이걸 왜?

      1. 나여니원스

        제왚이 만든곡이 1위한곡이 50곡이나 있어서 연말에 곡주인들 다불러서 할려고했는데 연말엔 다들 바빠서 혼자 50곡 다부른다네요!

    93. Haley Nicole

      This is amazing

    94. Epic Ducks

      early as heck any once? | |

    95. Hooperdooper

      오랜만이다 길 ㅜㅜ 좋다

    96. Hasitha


    97. xbskdjdh T

      so I knew it now how the priest singing the song in Korea

    98. 林良


    99. ImKabriyia

      Hey, nice!

    100. ちゃんきた

      He’s so cool...