JYP NO.1 X 50 #5

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    JYP NO.1 X 50 #5
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    1. Kyle ru

      What song is this?

    2. Storytelling by Noblesse


    3. Shoinie


    4. مارسـِلين – Marceline


    5. all I want for Christmas is Woo *Comeback*

      Who is your favorite (current) JYP Entertainment artists or group? You can choose up to 2

    6. perfume

      偶然に聞き始めたこの方の歌… いつの間にか深くはまってしまいました‼︎‼︎

    7. Rizzy정

      i swear i hear got7 youngjae voice

    8. 私は


      1. 김수진

        god - lie

    9. hương hoàng

      Ai làm vietsub đi

    10. Huskar Sven


    11. 折原恵理子

      凄く楽しそう🎵 こんなの行ってみたい。

    12. 이하늘ハヌル *일본인*日本人

      대박 .... 이 말이 밖에 안나옵니다. スッゲェ…∑(゚Д゚)

    13. Junghyeok Kim

      영상을 계속 보고 있으니 공연이 너무 가고 싶네요. 올해는 공연장에서 볼 수 있으면 좋겠습니다.

    14. 두꺼비

      이제와서야 곡을 의도를 알려주고 남자 /여자 나눠서 부를 때 JYP의 모습이 너무 황홀해 보인다. 여태 껏 어떻게 참았음?

    15. Shreeda Ghatpande

      Guys here is link to the song by the artist god for whom jyp produced this song paprom.info/block/v/gJ-dgtRdnmqVqGk.html

    16. giooads

      지오디 진짜 짱

    17. ᴋɪᴍ ғʟᴏʀʀᴀ


    18. Shoinie

      This is so beautiful!!!

    19. KimchiBBQ친구


    20. AY

      one of my fav songs

    21. crey ji


    22. ajja hamaja

      " You have no idea how beautiful you sound up here " -JYP

    23. M O

      The name of the song is Lie by god

    24. miyu sayri

      Mi CEO favorito 💞 JYP

    25. Wewen TV

      If you are from PH Make it BLUE | \/

    26. Salad Lee

      anyone else cry while watching this?

    27. hild as

      이거 이대로 올해 말고 명년에 또 콘서트 해주면 안되나~~그때 돈 모아놓을수 있을거 같아서. 진짜 재밌는 콘서트일것 같다

    28. Prya Blanco

      Title of the song?

      1. kenny lee

        Song title is "Lie" written by J.Y.Park. Original singer is g.o.d. which is legendary boy group under JYP Entertainmnet.


      Wht song is this please

    30. Donna Marie Marcos

      Now I'm finding where i can listen to the whole song 🙃 jaljaaa

    31. Angelica Omana

      Our producernim!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    32. 용덕

      ㅋㅋㅋ 요즘도 아이돌도 이름뒤에 짱 붙이려나.. ㅎㅎ

    33. mtsukino

      i literally cried when the audience started singing together at the very end

    34. Chu Luvian

      omg i can reli feel how much he enjoy the audience singing all musicians' dream i guess

    35. Bob Nomura

      The audience sounds way better than your average audience. BUT, JYP is not your average ARTIST and I bet every single Korean artist regardless of genre wants to be with his media company.

    36. Hanya Hanya

      Damn it, this is pure gold.

    37. CDN

      So beautiffuuuuulllll 😍😍🥺

    38. dry super

      참 이형 열심히 사는게 멋지다

    39. CodeOnce

      4:45 hes such a flirt lol

    40. King's Amy

      So sweettt 😭

    41. ON CE


      1. dennis017

        lies by god paprom.info/block/v/n6Kced6YuI-Wl3Y.html

    42. Alex Nik

      Amazing interaction 😍

    43. 박선영

      괜차나 출연료가 얼마?손등응

    44. 박선영


    45. 박선영

      전원일기에 이어서 아흐2

    46. 박선영

      찰가ㅡ하정우가 진짜 흐

    47. 박선영


    48. 박선영

      곰ㅡ침질몰 또 사귀 그동안 먹 ㅁ ㅉ ㅇ슬라

    49. 박선영

      으유 기린고기 배고파서 진짜 쯧 응(앙

    50. 박선영


    51. 박선영


    52. 박선영

    53. 박선영

      어머니 놀라 패러디 무비스타ㅡ가영이 쯧 26 투다리ㆍ올마?조자태자현자ㆍ밑줄좍

    54. 박선영


    55. 박선영


    56. Stupify

      He's literally the definition of an idol, who can connect his fans and himself into a family.♥️♥️

    57. 박선영


    58. 박선영

      걱정햏어요 까지 읽었는데진짜으(몰몬경ㅅ)

    59. 박선영

      박자진자영자 움 ㅁㄷㅅㅎㅇ

    60. IrfanRosdi7

      Damn audience🤤

    61. Hyoung il Kim

      That's why I love you!!! You're really so nice guy!!

    62. jeno lee

      this is beautiful to watch !

    63. JØJY ARMY-L


    64. jorge10 Guzman Garcia

      Nunca lo habia escuchado cantar

    65. Ralph Bryan Magtangob

      Bruh JYP is really the best I want him to be my mentor when I become an artist of JYPE 😭

    66. 흰수염고래

      제발 가지마~ 박 진 영 짱! 잘 가~

    67. itsyurdvd

      k so ik everyone is praising him in the comments and stuff and i’m a jyp stan but are we just going to ignore the fact that he tells healthy 16 year old girls to lose weight?

      1. Justin Bailey

        There's no stigma on it in Korea, people will tell you to lose weight or even that you're fat regardless of your age.

      2. Lionkentt

        не искажай правду , посмотри правильный перевод и осмысли правильно сказанное

    68. cherrybomb


    69. Leonardus Aditya

      Wha a masterpiece

    70. StrayGoTwice 6

      When will Twice have an english sub the moment they upload their videos like this 😅 Division 3 must learn from Park Jin Young's division

    71. Mero el Sero

      What’s the name of the song, it’s really good

      1. Shreeda Ghatpande

        English name for the song is “Lies “ by g.o.d a 1st gen Kpop group

      2. Migyur

        Hey I found it It's God by 가 짓 말

      3. Migyur

        I really wanna know too!

    72. Giacinto Sciacovelli


    73. Ladsx3


    74. KPOP MIX

      *5:39** MY HEART WHEN THE MEN SING 괜찮아 (which is the lie) and the WOMEN SAY 아프잖아 (true feelings) 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️*

    75. Karthik Bharadwaj

      If you gonna flex , flex like JYP

    76. Stan Twiceuu

      Real crowd control

    77. 12 21

      ん?これなんの話してるの? (」゚Д゚)」オ────イ!!

    78. János Kiss


    79. keynihon

      I love this man. That is all I have to say.

    80. Chengkui Li


    81. via

      i am in luv with you pdnim

    82. Ty A

      just the song I needed to hear :)

    83. Indira Kamsar

      This video just made me so senti. 🤐

    84. Muhd Safek

      The way he flex singing without in-ear monitor 🤯

    85. strayjinss

      is he wearing a skirt or are my eyes just playing tricks on me-

      1. haeri

        yes he is ':D

    86. Jeremy Krawczyk

      intéressant, merci.

    87. Noy

      Que carajos

    88. Noy

      Oiga kbron, no sea antilgtbi

    89. الزهره البريه


    90. Zari Sandil

      ugh his voice is so good

    91. Pamonrat oNanny_jackypam

      what is the song name?

      1. 11 11

        Lie - G.O.D 거짓말 - G.O.D

    92. red.berry_

      goosebumps omg papa jyp

    93. 僕秀

      육삼삘딩 엘레베이터에서 사랑을 나누는 곡을 쓴 사람이 이 곡을 썼어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    94. yhanie maelabs

      A real talented person who produce great artist of the history

    95. sootika


    96. C West


    97. Sonia

      He’s such a good entertainer

    98. Min Yoongi

      Am I the only one who’s in love with his voice?

    99. [책권자]책권하는남자

      GOD! Oh my GOD!!!👍👍

      1. [책권자]책권하는남자

        JYP oh my JYP

    100. Zu Zu