DAY6 <The Book of Us : The Demon> Album Sampler

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    DAY6 <The Book of Us : The Demon> Album Sampler
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    1. Jae형띵

      이 날 좀비 들었을 때 충격 잊지못해 최고였어

    2. Izzati Hariffin

      Reliving the feels of hearing this the first time. The excitement and euphoria, I can still remember it till now

    3. Mira Mardiana

      i watch it again. uhm, I'M CRYING SOOO HARD 😭😭😭 i miss them sooo much 😭😭

    4. Alfn d

      Mau liat mereka live perform se album ini, huhuhuh

    5. eyaj aaa

      soo amazingg

    6. douner douner

      it just feels like yesterday

    7. 문지원

      와 진짜 이거 첨 나왔을때 마이데이들 심장 어땠을까 이제 입덕해서 노래 다 알고 봐도 심장 쿵쾅거리는데 ㅠㅠ

    8. Bunga Insyirah Wijaya

      Going back here after listening to afraid demo

    9. 원피리미리

      이거 듣고 진짜 너무 기쁘고 기대되고 기다려지고 그랬는데 오랜만에 들으니까 또 그때 생각나네 ㅎㅎ

    10. 튠인티나TuneInTina

      this is so fresh until now

    11. G C

      The very moment I herd that bridge from 1-10 I knew it was destined to be my fave from the album

    12. nodi thifal

      How talented jae and young k, badass And also all member of day6, i love y all, and a myday outhere, keep spirit and stand day6

      1. nodi thifal

        @Izzati Hariffin oh yeaa i know, i already said all the members of day6 are talented as well, evem dowoons cutie talented too. theyre so talented n i proud to be myday 😍😍

      2. Izzati Hariffin

        Actually, wonpil and sungjin's name in Korean, but they are in all credits as well. Day6 always work on their music together ^^

    13. Mai

      Can't wait to see them again as whole. I'm here waiting!!!!!!!!! i love you day6

    14. grl_frm_mysticmoon

      I just discovered Day6 last month, damn I’m so late. But I love their craft so much, I felt connected to their music. My Days are so cool, such a positive fandom, never known a fandom that is so understanding, encouraging, innocent and soulful. Stay positive guys... looking forward to know you guys better.😄😍

    15. Xelaroide

      Damn im here cuz i like listen to trailer/sampler but Day6's trailer hits differently like-

    16. Camille Aquino

      the book of us: gluon is coming guys this aug. 31 let's support the sub unit this 31 :))

    17. Camille Aquino

      this album will remain superior for me the songs the concept the meaning a whole masterpiece

    18. Camille Aquino

      ive listened to the whole album a lottttt and it's my first time to watch the album sampler and im crying this is sooo beautifullll

    19. lucky andriana

      and this is what makes me a day6 stan

    20. Marky

      Afraid turned out to be my fav day 6 song of all time

    21. Marky

      Veryone acting all sexy and mysterious.meanwhile young k on his mission to make jae crack up at 2:00

    22. Aprilliya Susanti

      Pusing w ini lagu day6 kaga ada yg ga enak. Mantaps semuaa😭

    23. General Jigsaw

      I'd like a sprinkle of Day6's talent and songwriting skills of Young K. Ty Universe

    24. hạnh vũ

      Still sad about the fact that we haven't been able to hear any of these masterpieces live :((((

    25. 권려원

      이날 설렘을 잊을수 없다

    26. Dana Annisa

      the previous one, entropy, they did great they comsposed with lots of people outside day6 too. but in this album they did even AMAZING, and i just realize all those songs (except afraid) they composed by themselves+Hong Jisang. It was amaziiing. Afraid was amazing toooooo, omg i didnt expect Sungjin to create this masterpiece, thankyou for people who had been helping Day6

    27. W.

      and now i'm singing along this album sampler

    28. camtastic baby

      m a s t e r p i e c e

    29. Ivy Joy Bañas

      I'm a new My Day and I am really ancticipating for their comeback... 🥺 I hope those members who are suffering from anxiety will get well soon.🥺

    30. Nahomi Sánchez


    31. Jasmine


    32. 뱅뱅

      건강챙겨 우로빠들..... 플챙유건

    33. hwang vuí

      If this won't be the best album of the year imma throw hands

    34. thatweird _kid

      I first heard of Day6 from Lost In Translation webcomic and look at me now. A MyDay and buying all their albums. :)

    35. Nurlana Rahayu

      lyrics by young K 😍

    36. ar1i_e -


    37. Angelika Raella

      Just came here today to appreciate these teasers again 🥺 stream zombie yeah? ❤️❤️

    38. irahayu shinta

      I hope they'll give the english title beside the hangul

    39. b.c skz

      Tick Tock is such a bop 🥺

    40. b.c skz

      hi, i'm new. And DOWOON IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE.

    41. Jhenny VT

      Apenas estoy conociendo a DAY6... nose como pude perderme de ellos.... Pero su música es única en muchos aspectos... Me encantan... Veo en YOUNG K a un gran productor... Tiene un gran futuro... ❤

    42. ALYSSA S.

      Day6 lang malupet

    43. G C

      1-10 is my favourite song from this album! I’m hoping we’ll get an English version and I’m hoping they’ll perform both the English and Korean version live in the future

    44. G C

      The whole album is so good, my fave is “1 to 10”. I’m hoping the guys will take as much time as they need to sort out their mental health and I’m hoping that when they do comeback, they’ll be able to show us their BEST EVER. They’ve always presented only quality music and I can proudly say that THEY HAVE NO BAD SONGS!

    45. Suraj Singh Rawat

      Afraid Track should be select as op of an anime 😎

    46. Mychz

      Hey photographer are you still alive??

    47. be quiet don't cry urmm


    48. ur face

      I think this is my favorit album so far

    49. 사랑Valeria

      Order: 1. Day and Night. 2. Zombie. 3. Tick Tock. 4. Love me or Leave me. 5. STOP. 6. 1 to 10. 7. Afraid. 8. Zombie (English Ver.)

    50. Dawn Knight

      I may sound selfish, but I hope they'll make the English ver. from this album

    51. I'm happiest when Taehyung is with Jungkook

      I'm an Army but I cannot deny the fact that these boys are amazing and all their songs are amazing. I think I fell in love again..

    52. 04Ammy04

      This album is amazing

    53. Ralla Rullu

      샘플러 진짜 잘만든다..

    54. erica altabano

      miss you 🤧

    55. Decem Teng

      Love me or leave me and afraid are the most favorite songs for my daily playlist! Day6 is so talented that almost every member can write lyrics, sing, playing instrument, compose songs. I blame myself for too late to discover them. They are deserve it!

    56. Astvsexymom Arts and fitness vlogger

      Really amazing and I love it

    57. carat Deul

      My personal faves: Afraid and leave me or love me.

    58. KillShotOli

      Lol this officially became my favorite 2020 album

    59. N world


    60. lliill lliill


    61. Surena Tsoktoeva

      Клёвая песня

    62. Surena Tsoktoeva


    63. Surena Tsoktoeva

      Прикольные парни

    64. Jezika Monthero

      A darle más amor al Álbum "The Demon" y al MV "Zombie" por favor My Day's

    65. Camilly Santos Xavier

      Young K tava inspirado em

    66. Montoya T.

      They wrote and composed the majority of their own songs. Much respect and support to them💖

    67. bqbygqyz TM

      Honestly Day6 is cool and I’ve wanted to Stan them but I’ve procrastinated so hard on it I mean yeah maybe I’ve seen a few memes of them here and there but I don’t quite know all of them and stuff but honestly hearing their new song and stuff makes me really want to Stan them. I felt the pain through the song and it honestly touched me. I now understand why so many people love them and why Seungmin ( from Stray Kids ) really adores them almost to the point where he almost chooses Day6 over his own members lol but anyways I hope that Park Jahyung, Park Sungjin, Kang Younghyun , Kim Wonpil, & Yoon Dowoon get better soon!! ❤️🥺

    68. Yani M

      Young K... i am in love with you

    69. 소희

      항상 좋았지만 이번 앨범도 정말 역사에 길이길이 남을 명반이다....😭 내가 힘들때마다 음악으로 위로해주어서 너무 고마워요, 동시에 위로해주는 곡을 쓰면서 본인들은 힘들었을 생각하니 마음이 아프네요... 오래오래 함께 보기위해서 충분히 휴식취하고 다시 만나요. 늘 응원합니다..❣

    70. Nana

      Leía algunos comentarios sobre los problemas personales de mis chicos y personalmente, está bien que hagan saber que no están realmente bien para que podamos apoyarlos más, pero dejen de hablar de la ansiedad y apoyemos a los chicos, no es fácil vivir con eso, bendiciones y buena vibra a mis chicos💛

    71. nana’s coffee

      Just a casual listener, but YoungK?? And all the other members?? What kind of a genius are you guys?? This album is a MASTERPIECE. All the love & support from the Philippines

    72. kEroS C

      I kinda wish Love me or leave me was their title song

    73. Denise Calzada

      Dowoon looks hot ❤

    74. Marvin Gabriel

      Love this whole album.. From EMO genre to dubstep/brostep to new.metals/post.grunge genres to pub.rock genres. OMG im so happy how DAY6 matured has a musicians.. I think im ganna cry.. WaAaAaaAaAAaahH im so proud of them..

    75. la andromeda


    76. Ana Ана

      Why don’t Dowoon get to sing ?

    77. Handayani Evii

      Keep healthy bangg😘😘😘

    78. Handayani Evii

      I LOVE U ALL

    79. Wiwik karmila

      Happy day 6

    80. Wiwik karmila

      Tick tock luv

    81. Sherardia Arvensis


    82. Lady Bruh

      A BOP

    83. jaeyongie lee


    84. ณัฐรุจา ธวะบุรี

      Day6 ไม่เคยทำให้ชั้นผิดหวังเลยจริงๆ

    85. 귀owo

      Title track name: ☠️⛓️🖤 The title track: 😔🌧💙

    86. macobre

      omfg, I'm not involved in the fanbase enough to hear news but reading the comment I hope you guys are okay! And if not that's also completely all right, things aren't always peachy, just know we all love and care for you guys!

    87. Nelvyana Jianta

      This album masterpiece 💙💙💙 hopefully Day6 can comeback healthy again 🙏😭💙

    88. krishasaints

      Tick Tock how can you hurt me this way

    89. Mehdjabin Alidjan

      Gosh I love it. So much! Very curious. Ooh, English? Now the meaning of the songs reaches even more peoppe

    90. Haz

      I guess we got clowned by Wonpil when a fellow myday asked on his vlive to touch his nose if 'Finale' KR version is going to release in this album And he did.

    91. Raquel VS


    92. Mauricio Madureira


    93. Mirsya Rosida

      take care, take your time, i wish you a huge happiness. i believe you guys will comeback stronger. all the love

    94. ui

      track 07... sungjin's understanding of rhythm is so unique i'm taken aback as a drummer

    95. Lusy Duu

      Love love love

    96. Marie Kate

      1:57 *that smile uwu*

    97. Ndasnotgood


    98. JV Calabroso


    99. Mia Pajo_21

      Someòne: Who's your bias? Me: Its Sungjinyoungkjaewonpildowoon

    100. Fitria Cahya Rahmadhani

      Taburkan cinta, cinta, cinta~~!😇