DAY6 (Even of Day) "Where the sea sleeps(파도가 끝나는 곳까지)" M/V

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    DAY6 (Even of Day) "Where the sea sleeps(파도가 끝나는 곳까지)" M/V
    Listen to DAY6 (Even of Day) "The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing can tear us apart"
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    1. Fanita Khairunnisa

      I cried seeing this mv, the lyrics ...

    2. Maria Francesca Latosa

    3. drama queen

      shAi ;^;

    4. Patricia Tyas

      the way dowoon hugged jae and bob :"((((

    5. ch eng

      gluon means nothing can tear us apart and that's what this song shows :(( strong friendship is what i need rn

    6. Jeremy Walsh

      love this song dont understand a word but the feels i get listening to this makes me happy and loved

    7. Spica_95

      When this song came out, I casually sang this to my 2 cats that chillin' on my lap, and sometimes I moved my cats' paws to dance. They are stray cats that I took care of. Because I have asthma I couldn't bring them inside my house, though they could wander everywhere, they chose to stay in my front yard and wait for me to come and chillin' with them. That's why I love to sing the part "baby, want you to stay with me, don't leave me. I need you, you need me." But yesterday, the 2 cats died. I did not expect that those casual things gonna be a fond memory. How I hope they won't leave me and stay with me and hold my hands as they sleep on my lap. The first cat disappeared and my second cat was really sad and refused to eat. The second cat died in my embrace as I said "thank you for filling my days with happiness," then I learned they got infected by flu. I had no idea. I cried all day long yesterday. I thought I would feel better today and could fool myself that those days were just a dream. But I can't stop my tears when listening to this song.

    8. Clara Lee

      what the fuck why am I crying

    9. Zehra Uygur

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    10. 스테이

      quien esta cortando cebolla?:,)

    11. Lais Santos

      VOCÊ NÃO ESTÁ SOZINHO! " Considero que os nossos sofrimentos atuais não podem ser comparados com a glória que em nós será revelada[...] Sabemos que Deus age em todas as coisas para o bem daqueles que o amam, dos que foram chamados de acordo com o seu propósito.[...] Quem nós separará do amor de Cristo? Será tribulação, ou angústia, ou perseguição, ou fome, ou nudez, ou perigo, ou espada? [...] Pois estou convencido de que nem morte nem vida, nem anjos nem demônios, nem o presente, nem o futuro, nem profundidade, nem qualquer outra coisa na criação será CAPAZ de nós separar do amor de Deus que está em CRISTO JESUS, nosso Senhor." *Biblia sagrada- romanos 8. 18, 28, 35, 38-39. Que Deus possa abençoar sua vida!

    12. Feriska Patricia

      Hi guys, I just made a cover of this song for my kpop global audition, would you mind to check it out later please? Also feel free to comment your opinion of my video

    13. Meetha833 No2

      :l Hope the waves of goodness reach you all well at the right moment. I know someday all of you could reach the fullest together. Please use your me time to sharpen all of your talents well until the Kairos time come.

    14. nora def's baby

      im here to spin :)

    15. Matcha Tee

      this is one of the best mv's I've seen in a long time, almost cried watching it the first time. It's perfection. I'm a new my day and I can't believe this only has 5 mill views, IT'S SO GOOD. The animation is perfect, the vocals are killing even with only Wonpil and Brian, and the lyrics are so beautiful. THIS IS SO AMAZING I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO COPE, thank you even of day, you did great! XD Also note: PUPPY DOWOON HOLDING THE TEDDY BEARS OF JAE AND SUNJIN MADE MY HEART MELT, IT'S TOO PRECIOUS

    16. Pimseraye Samson

      This song always makes me cry. (I don't know why..) I really love this song🥰🥰

    17. nurul pratiwi

      I just want to ask the 1.2 k people who hit the thumb down icon: Why would you do that??????? Why? Why?????

    18. Js L25


    19. Antonette De Veyra

      I will never get tired listening to their voice. Its like a lullaby to me.

    20. sunoo hess

      never get bored to listen to this song

    21. Dayang Alyssa

      VOTE DAY6

    22. V-ann 7

      Tanto la canción como el video me ponen soft.

    23. takis fuego

      q triste estoy

    24. Claire Vla

      This song gives calm and relaxation in itself good work

    25. Belen Bueno

      I’ve left like 500 comments here and most of it is just me crying

    26. Belen Bueno

      we will be together again one day.. we will wait for you two 🥺

      1. Belen Bueno

        I’m sobbing as I’m typing this omg

    27. gisela gonzalez


    28. Vasti Marín

      this is cute.

    29. 04Ammy04

      Please help us out and vote Day6 for best band performance on MAMA

    30. NN

      I am obsessed with this song! Its sooooo good, and the video made me tear up a bit

    31. 계백

      비상이다 비상 뮤비보고 쳐움 귀여운데 슬프고 감동적이고 그러네...ㅜ

    32. Yoon Dowoon

      "Baby want you to stay with me, don't leave me" 😭😭😭

    33. Polar Vacations

      MV น่ารัก เพลงเพราะมากกกก

    34. 이웃집또털어

      삶이 팍팍하고 힘들때 이 귀요미들 보러 온다...

    35. sisi djapa

      Im cryin today

    36. Patricia Tyas

      whyyy do i cry??? 😭😭😭😭😭

    37. Patricia Tyas


    38. anjum nahid

      This song is useful for those who believe in team work🤔🤔🤔

    39. yas bitch

      this is the only music video i cried my heart out like CRIED SOBBED EVERYTHING and can’t help crying when watching this

    40. Nanda A


    41. Diana Shane Soria

      bro, I'm literally crying while listening to this song-

    42. ihate marshmallows

      This song is a masterpiece💯

    43. Anjali Jha

      Hey my days! A mu day and midzy here! As u know itzy is nominated for best performance female group in mama so can my days help us midzys? We r not forcing u to v0te. If u want to or not its ur choice😊

      1. tyra Honey

        @Anjali Jha thank you so much! all the best for both itzy and day6 :D

      2. Anjali Jha

        @tyra Honey I've been voting for day 6 since i started voting for mama

      3. tyra Honey

        i've been voting for itzy! please help us vote day6 in best band performance category too, if you don't mind! :D

      4. 04Ammy04

        I'm voting for you guys!

      5. yas bitch

        i always do vote for them :)

    44. Yuni Shara

      I'm fallin love this song...❤️

    45. ❻ Lia ❶❾

      イラストが可愛すぎる♥ うるうるした瞳がとてつもなく可愛い♥

    46. Name Name


    47. Louise Ahimsa

      /cries a millionth time/

    48. FS_2710

      I just want to give thanks to the animator of this music video. Animating is very hard, I’ve experienced it. To make a fully animated 3 minute video that also gives meaning and emotion to the viewers takes a lot of time, and I mean about 2-5 months of animating. So to the animator, thank you.

    49. eliza valdez

      Es hermosa la canción me encanto no se porque no tienen mas vistas

    50. Zakkia Az

      don't mind me. I'm here to riseup my dopamin, as usual.

    51. dini salsabila

      It just MV, but why am i crying a lot? omg :'(((😭😭

    52. Anabella Kella

      Like 👍❤️🌸✋♥️

    53. Sev


    54. Jaehyung Park


    55. Zakwa

      This is the first time I've listened to a Day6 song and I am.... Just... Shook This is such a wonderful song😭😭😭♥️ I can't believe I didn't ever listen to them before♥️✨

    56. nirma lestari

      I come here every day

    57. Cristine Perito


    58. Phoebe Anne Lacuna

      Let's see who are still listening to this masterpiece. ♡

    59. Aada𖧵7

      Welp don't mind me crying in the corner

    60. Chan's Beauty Sleep

      Vote Day6 on MAMA👏

    61. Belen Bueno


    62. STAY in Sxturn

      Escuchar esto después de tener una crisis y comenzar a sentir que, a pesar de todo, la vida puede mejorar...

    63. Grace Anne Pagilagan

      this song still touches my heart differently everytime I listen to it My Days let's keep on streaming this along with Zombie okay?

    64. hyunjin's iced americano IN生

      wonpil holding jae and seungjin just breaks my kokoro(heart)

      1. nur iffahifz

        actually, it's dowoon who hold jae and sungjin. Heheee ^^

    65. Aurelia Syahidati

      I'm not a myday but, this is the 24th time I listen to this song today😀👍

      1. 2day_is_hot

        wow... keep it up so it will be nth time.... lol... jk ^^ let's feel the song with our heart!

    66. 04Ammy04

      This song is a warm embrace.

    67. Cover Girl


    68. Andrea Ramírez Martínez

      I loved the song and the animation too ♥ great job!

    69. gisela gonzalez


    70. hanazawa mob


    71. hanazawa mob

      I cry

    72. Paulina Rivera Morales

      He visto este video mil veces y apenas me di cuenta de que los muñequitos de Jae y Sungjin aparecen en el vídeo 😭💟

    73. 7ahga 7

      spinning in between breath ahgadays

      1. 04Ammy04

        Yaaaas. What a hit they came out with!

    74. ki ki

    75. Juliana Marin Garcia


    76. Charlize Alvarez

      this is such an underrated song i love it sm

    77. Serena Moon

      AGHASE if you are here do not forget to stream we need some power. Who else if not us. Let their album be legendary. We are their strength. Myday help JYP FAMILY if only you want because we are JYP NATION !!!! :)

    78. Serena Moon

      AGHASE if you are here do not forget to stream we need some power. Who else if not us. Let their album be legendary. We are their strength. Myday help JYP FAMILY if only you want because we are JYP NATION !!!! :)

    79. Serena Moon

      AGHASE if you are here do not forget to stream we need some power. Who else if not us. Let their album be legendary. We are their strength. Myday help JYP FAMILY if only you want because we are JYP NATION !!!! :)

    80. problemart

      Que lindooo TUT

    81. peachy yhann

      who is crying after stream this mv? "i did"

    82. Elle El Saltador

      i just realized Even Of Day is YoungK and the Maknaes

    83. Mayang Faradilla

      I'm crying😭😭😭

    84. Rigel Ganancial

      even my sister and parents like this :))))

    85. Clarista kim

      My Day Semangat gaes

    86. Leslie Guerrero


    87. Starry Night

      mydays still listening?

    88. Breath In and Out

      both mv and the song of WTSS aka Where the sea sleeps are family friendly if there is animation series of Denimals (character on the mv) i would love to watch it denimals are super cute

    89. Ty Cordero


    90. Na Na

      People who hate on day6 obvi think they know music when they don’t because this is music

      1. 04Ammy04

        No taste. Their idols listen to Day6 I guarantee it.

    91. imst sttt

      This is a precious song.

    92. Putri Dinnar


    93. Novita Desiasni

      I play day6's whole discography when I work but I almost always skip this song when it comes on. I can only listen to this when I'm alone in the darkness of my bedroom. I can't not cry listening to this, there's so much emotion in this song. The melody, the lyrics, the MV, and maybe even the story behind it. Thank you for the magic you brought to this world that is your music, boys. It got me through my hardest days. You must know that mydays sincerely appreciate and are grateful for your hard work. All the best wishes for Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and our cutest drum Dowoon ❤️

    94. Jibek Bolatbekova


    95. Cio Romantick

      Mantap...lagunya ngerti ..ada teksnya....yg coment pada ngomong opo 😁 ngopi dlu ah

    96. Snowy W

      Listen to this song is how I survived tough days alone.

    97. Bren Cristel

      Such a good song omg and i love the animation too, i love day6 and i really miss them,

    98. diana paola ruiz mendez

      it is beautiful✨

    99. c h i l e r

      I’m crying to this cartoon mv Update: I watched this again with English captions and I’m crying more

    100. jiwo0 mmm

      I NEED U, U NEED MEE :(