DAY6 (Even of Day) <The Book of Us : Gluon> Trailer Film

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    DAY6 (Even of Day) <The Book of Us : Gluon> Trailer Film
    Listen to DAY6 (Even of Day) "The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing can tear us apart"
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    1. Indah Laeliyah

      Me : What? Gluon? That's a part of Boson Particle, this is Bose Einstein Statistics :V

    2. Gryn_Azoth


    3. Local Resident

      this is almost the entirety of the "forest" interlude. we were spoiled and didn't even know! 🤭

    4. 김민규그만감겨

      아 마지막 돌았냐고 큐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 졸라 귀여워 시바류ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    5. Care Ren

      I wish junhyeok was also glued to them :((

    6. Bam Bogh

      English subs! Finally!!

    7. Calida

      Omggg so cute! 😭💕

    8. kim candia

      like a trailer of cartoon HAHAHAHA kyeopta

    9. Martin Amarilla

      this trailer has no business being so cute!

    10. Fried Chicken

      Don at the end ❤️💕❤️💕

    11. Na Ya


    12. Kirani Anjani

      The whole time watching this I'm just like "...what" BUT I'M EXCITED!!! REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CB!!! >,

    13. Be Like Kaito PH

      So, the album name is based on a subatomic particle of a class that is thought to bind quarks together. They saying about this 'bond'. This is interesting!

    14. Jeily jjpj_


    15. Julieta Bravo


    16. Alessia b

      Day6 are not just idols They are artists.

    17. Ayriza Nurul Fadhila Tanjung


    18. vision

      A band without its 2 guitarists?

    19. Jinsoul's Stretchy Neck

      Day6 will be have subunit but how sub-unit work?? they're still using instrument??

    20. Carolina Lopez


    21. Nia Umn

      that doggo represents our Dowoon? super happy they´re coming back hope they´re fine! fighting!

    22. yser bang


    23. yser bang

      Udah lah DAY6 bikin animasi aja .

    24. yser bang

      Udah ga sabar nungguin MV nya

    25. lliill lliill


    26. 生f e f e

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaa help

    27. Melan Ang

      My chemistry teacher when I was in School : "Gluon is an elementary particle that acts as the exchange particle bla bla bla" Me back then : "I don't need to understand this, became a Scientist is not a part of my dream" Me now as a My Day : 😮

    28. 이립

      갬성 무엇? 진짜 기대된다!

    29. ME RO

      역시 데이식스ㅠㅠ 앨범 하나하나에 주제 분명하고 글루온, 엔트로피 이렇게 자연의 질서를 바탕으로 그 주제를 표현하는 것도 너무 좋다!

    30. Say lalalalala


    31. Ahgase Pooh

      there’s eng sub!!!

    32. ennik somsomi

      this is so cute

    33. Unknew

      does this mean that the next unit will be Odd of Night?

    34. athena-chu

      mom: “it’s a cartoon, it won’t hurt you.” the cartoon:

      1. athena-chu

        obviously not my idea so don’t come at me💀💀

    35. Lari :3


    36. Jade Au

      aw the voice and animation is so cute i love it and sounds interesting let's goooo

    37. Hongbi Han

      성진 제형이랑 다같이 함께인 모습 그립네용

    38. Galaxy

      This is gonna be unique

    39. rindi kurnia

      Omg heu i wanna cry

    40. Mesha PH

      Supeeeer cute! No I’m not excited! No!

    41. Syakirin S

      I thought this was a kurzgezagt vid for a sec

    42. stream day6 zombie

      this conceptttt ❤️

    43. Najeebah

      Wait wait WAIT!!!! I haven't fully recovered from Demon yet!!!! And I was still getting residual symptoms of pure joy from Entropy prior to that! I'm not ready for another obsession!!!!😱❤

      1. stream day6 zombie

        haha sameee they're coming back as a sub-unit this august 31 consisting with only 3 members ( dowoon,wonpil, and young k) :))

    44. Kathrine Imperial

      What is the meaning behind "Even of Day"? Please enlighten me. Thanks!

      1. 04Ammy04

        Even is an archaic way of writing Evening.

    45. fairy of shampoo

      I'm sooooo excited about it )))

    46. steph ram


    47. Jiy An

      Is it denimalz voice?ㅋㅋ

    48. Davina

      this is so cutee 🥺🥺

    49. J A

      Love From Qatar

    50. Rosie Rabbit

      I can’t wait. I’m so excited omg

    51. chewyy

      OMG august is LIT in JYP

    52. ARMY BTS .

      에스관심을 가져 주셔서 감사합니다 ❤️❤️

    53. jhas myne

      WAAA DOWOON ❤❤❤

    54. gotday stan

      i really love the conceppppt

    55. Risya Azzahra

      The voice just like my alarm sounds😭

    56. Iris Drieman

      When my teacher asks me what a gluon is I'll show them this

    57. Kathleen Feliciano

      Yaaaas, a comeback!!!! Their last cb was my favourite so far, hope they keep getting better and better. ❤❤❤

    58. t a e t e a

      The gluon or gluon is the carrier boson of the strong nuclear interaction, one of the four fundamental forces. It has no mass or electrical charge, but it does have a color charge, so in addition to transmitting the strong interaction it also suffers it.

    59. t a e t e a

      El gluon o gluón es el bosón portador de la interacción nuclear fuerte, una de las cuatro fuerzas fundamentales. No posee masa ni carga eléctrica, pero sí carga de color, por lo que además de transmitir la interacción fuerte también la sufre.

    60. t a e t e a

      El gluon o gluón (de la voz inglesa glue 'pegamento', derivada a su vez del latín glūten a través del francés gluer 'pegar') es el bosón portador de la interacción nuclear fuerte, una de las cuatro fuerzas fundamentales.

    61. Dian Kartika

      Why i think this is youngk's voice

      1. 04Ammy04

        A lot of ppl think this too. Esp from what he said in his VLIVE

    62. A Jabasi

      Day6 es una banda talentosa. Todos sus albums estan unidos y especialmente esta saga de The Book Of Us es hermosa. Espero másadelante Day6 tenga mas reconocimiento y su K-rock sea mas reconocido. Myday los ama tanto al igual que lo chicos al fandom. En fin, stan Day6!!!

    63. Catch 12

      Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii okay. I complain because I run out of Day6 music quickly because I listen to it non stop but once they are about to have a come back I’m always like “NO IM NOT ReaDyyy”

    64. Yin Lee

      Science :D

    65. Terri Makatu

      this song is a bop and i can't wait for their debut!

    66. HeadOfRoses

      me: ok but how will this sub unit's concept will look like? day6: a 50's educational cartoon. me: I'm in love with this already!

    67. ichbinkris

      We support you guys!!! Love from the Philippines!!!

    68. 방탄영원히

      와 진짜 귀엽다 🤩🤩🤩

    69. Fatma Alkharraz

      U guys i’ve never bought an album before and i want to pre order this one. Do u know when i can do that ?

    70. Siwi Utami

      CAN'T WAIT

    71. rainy cvr

      Wow It's SCIENCE !!! -𝘸𝘰𝘯𝘱𝘪𝘭

    72. Seunghanjiwonsoonhoonjun Seokgyumingverkwanchan


    73. Shiela Salcedo

      I can't stop watching. It's adorable!!!!

    74. yas bitch

      this is so kiyowoooo

    75. Fauzia HZ

      Youngk is that u?

    76. Haothenggoukhup

      I come here everyday.

    77. 이지우

      얼렁 보고싶다 데식이들,,🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    78. Meza Robles Aylen Shunaxhi

      I’m so happy 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

    79. Carla Francesca


    80. Ryuk RyukRyukRyuk

      I don't understand but my Physics senses are tingling, is the trailer literally about strong force between quarks

    81. 4EVER A-ING

      What about international MY DAYS??????????? No eng subs ´;-;

    82. fruit salad

      y'all better stream this the way you did "inception"

    83. mystic zero


    84. Larissa Porras. S.

      No entendí nadaaaa ajsjdjs pero estoy emocionadabdkfb

    85. WrittenByKeya

      Is this.. Japanese!? 😱

      1. Into the Blue

        Sounds korean to me...

    86. Noorah Ahmed

      International My Days: 👁️👄👁️

    87. Lesedi Molefe

      This is scary

    88. ok

      Wasn't it supposed to be released today??

      1. Into the Blue

        @ok Same here!!

      2. ok

        @Into the Blue uhh :( I'm so inpatient 😂

      3. Into the Blue

        August 31.

    89. Vianey Haro

      This is SO cute!!! I'm dying!!

    90. jenny cali

      OMG!!! Realmente espero su regreso!!!! Ustedes son mi grupo favorito de todo el tiempo, Stan arte Stan Day6!!!!

    91. endergirl

      Finally the debut of the sub unit

    92. Borke Doggo

      This is so cool and really cute! I’m already hype for it

    93. 시라쳇

      왜 울컥하지?

    94. Nasywa Sadida Wirawan

      WAIT WHAT?

    95. None

      "En el universo en el que vivimos, hay muchas cosas que están conectadas entre sí. Como este poder misterioso que mantiene unidas las cosas. Este poder nos conecta fuertemente. Como un pegamento. Incluso si estamos lejos, este poder misterioso nos mantiene juntos. ¡Qué poder tan fuerte!"

      1. La Fizo

        Eres un sol 🥺✌

      2. t a e t e a

        Gracias 💕

    96. Mirna Miranda

      Stop sleeping on DAY6 😭

    97. Zeit

      Excited!!!! :)))))

    98. junes

      i dont even stan but this crap is so fricking cute

    99. its me

      Cant waiiitttt

    100. Deu a louca na Emaile

      I love day6 so much 😔👍❤